Definition of xanthic in English:



technical, literary
  • Yellowish.

    • ‘Salts and esters of xanthic acid are xanthates.’
    • ‘In a xanthic albino the process of making melanin has been interrupted.’
    • ‘The cloth of the flag should be either of xanthic or of greyish blue colour and on top of the flag post, there should either be a spearhead or a Khanda (a straight dagger with convex side edges leading to slanting top edges ending in a vertex).’
    • ‘As you know, whisky straight from the still is gin-clear; its xanthic tint is produced by tannins in the oak casks in which it matures.’
    • ‘The possibility of degenerative xanthic changes in a simple bone cyst was also considered in this case, but it was discounted owing to the clinical and radiological features and relatively abundant amounts of foam cells present.’


Early 19th century: from Greek xanthos ‘yellow’ + -ic.