Definition of wythe in English:


Pronunciation /wɪθ//wɪð/


  • A single thickness of bricks in masonry construction.

    • ‘Air barriers are placed in three primary types of masonry walls: cavity, masonry veneer, and single wythe.’
    • ‘Water was therefore getting through the brick wythe, the air space and the block wythe, and then through the insulation.’
    • ‘It was his evidence that he observed the space between the two wythes.’
    • ‘In 2002, the outside wythe of stone was removed from the seventh level, which is about 80-feet above grade.’
    • ‘However he has not actual memory of ever looking down between the two wythes to see how far they were apart.’
    • ‘At sheet number 3 is an analysis of the distribution of lateral loads between the wythes.’
    • ‘The two cases are set out on page number four with respect to the block wythe and the brick wythe.’
    • ‘Typically, three to four courses of the exterior brick masonry wythe will need to be removed in order to perform this repair.’
    • ‘The full concrete block inner wythe was removed for the full width of the window opening.’
    • ‘Horizontal adjustment is provided through the slotted end with wire ties into the wythe of brick.’
    • ‘At no time did he ever see ladder ties extending from the block to the brick wythe.’
    • ‘A wythe is a vertical tier of bricks, each single wythe being 1 brick wide.’
    • ‘The drawings were confusing as to whether an air space was called for between the brick wythe and the block wythe.’
    • ‘Use the same type of masonry units in both exposed wythes of the parapet.’
    • ‘As the two wythes experience vertical differential movement, both types of reinforcement transfer vertical stress into the mortar joints.’
    • ‘The specifications on the other hand do provide for a 19 millimetre void between the two wythes.’
    • ‘Boards are attached to the air barrier on the exterior face of the interior wythe in cold climates.’
    • ‘He explained that in a cavity wall with insulation there is a lot more space between the wythes.’
    • ‘His proposed remedial work is based on his opinion that it is not necessary to take off the brick wythe to effect repairs.’


Early 18th century (as with): probably an alteration of width.