Definition of wristband in English:



  • 1A small bracelet or band worn around the wrist for identity purposes or to soak up sweat when playing sport.

    • ‘A craze sweeping the nation is to sport a yellow wristband known as ‘Livestrong’, a trend started by champion cyclist Lance Armstrong.’
    • ‘I took off the wristbands and headband I always wore during practice.’
    • ‘She wore a white t-shirt and a tennis skirt, and her wristbands lay on the table in front of her.’
    • ‘On her left wrist she had two black laces like the other one on her right and a white thick sports wristband.’
    • ‘Then utilize the strap as a necklace or wristband and put it on an hour before the gym, wear it during training, and then remove it one hour after you have completed your workout!’
    1. 1.1The cuff of a shirt or blouse.
      • ‘The women wear embroidered white blouses, red wristbands, and heavy dark wraps around their shoulders and skirts.’
      • ‘The Taiko costume - black shirt and pants, white tabis, black wristbands, a pink sash around the waist, and, for the boys, a pink turban-like headdress - was next to impossible to put on without help.’
      • ‘At the show's end, the sweaty lad in the Brunei Polo Club shirt had pushed his wristband tight up his forearm, as if it were the sleeve of a blazer.’
      • ‘She wore a light blue nightgown with teddy bears on it and black wristbands.’
      • ‘Kriss changed back into traditional Egyptian clothing; white skirt held by a belt, white top held by a golden collar, wristbands, no sandals today.’