Definition of wrestling in English:



mass noun
  • The sport or activity of grappling with an opponent and trying to throw or hold them down on the ground, typically according to a code of rules.

    • ‘Get to as many tournaments as you can and support the sport of women's wrestling.’
    • ‘They also showed scenes from some kind of fair in Mongolia with lots of people doing Mongolian wrestling and horse racing.’
    • ‘Like soccer, bicycling, boxing, and wrestling are popular working-class sports.’
    • ‘His programme began with roller skating and wrestling, though not at the same time.’
    • ‘In high school, gymnastics and wrestling had an early hold on Stephan's athletic aspirations.’
    • ‘Tennis got the chop while sports such as rifle-shooting, kabadi, wrestling and volleyball received the nod.’
    • ‘I wasn't training with weights to get better in football or wrestling.’
    • ‘No longer is football any less in popularity in Japan as compared to sumo wrestling or baseball, which had for long been the most sought after sporting activity in the country.’
    • ‘He said he hoped his age would inspire both the young and old with interest in wrestling to get actively involved in helping to revive the sport.’
    • ‘In college, he participated in nearly every activity available, including wrestling, drama, and writing.’
    • ‘General pushing strength is useful to all athletes who participate in contact sports such as boxing, football, rugby and wrestling.’
    • ‘Sam is into wrestling and baseball and playing Playstation video games.’
    • ‘These situations would include sport matches in wrestling and judo where people are fighting with resistance.’
    • ‘With the rugby and soccer, we have phenomenal athletes and wrestling could be really big here.’
    • ‘He threw himself into sports, primarily wrestling, and he succeeded in that until a pretty serious knee injury took him out of the sport.’
    • ‘The movie is about the sport of high school wrestling, and Jimi, smart guy that he is, loaded the roles with Olympic and well-known wrestlers.’
    • ‘Strength gained by doing this exercise is needed in sports such as wrestling and football to grab and hold or pull in your opponent.’
    • ‘Among the settled Fulani, there is a variety of traditional local sports and games, including wrestling and boxing.’
    • ‘In our western culture we can date the development of martial arts such as archery and wrestling to ancient Greece.’
    • ‘He took part in all sorts of games including wrestling, shooting, weight throwing and other sports.’

Popular in ancient Egypt, China, and Greece, wrestling was introduced to the Olympic Games in 704 BC; many of the holds and throws used now are the same as those of antiquity. The two main competition styles are Graeco-Roman (in which holds below the waist are prohibited) and freestyle, which has become a popular televised sport. See also sumo