Definition of wrest pin in English:

wrest pin


  • A pin to which the strings of a piano or harpsichord are attached.

    • ‘Its underside fits the contours of the frame exactly, and the wrest pins are driven into the upper portion.’
    • ‘At its forward end, the string 19 is fixed to a wrest pin 25 over a transverse nut bar 26 and under a bar 27 which is adjustable in height.’
    • ‘The loop and the coil on the wrest pin should match the others on the instrument.’
    • ‘To tune a note, follow the string down to the appropriate wrest pin at the base of the psaltery then give the wrest pin a slight turn with the tuning key.’
    • ‘Metal pins can then become loose in the action, soundboards may split and wrest pins may become loose in the wrest-plank with the result of the piano not being able to stay in tune.’
    • ‘It probably underwent some repairs, when the date 1720 was written in front of the wrest pins.’
    • ‘A tuning lever or crank with the correct size head for the tuning or wrest pin must be used otherwise damage to the pin may occur.’
    • ‘A piano string has two termination points the hitch pin and the wrest pin, the wrest pin it were we tune form the hitch pin is were the string if fixed.’
    • ‘Here, a new 5-ply rock maple wrestplank has been fitted, and new wrest pin holes are being drilled, using custom made equipment.’
    • ‘Excellent value for money, both these models have a rock maple frame and teak/mahogany laminated soundboard and back, nickel plated wrest pins and brass hitch pins.’
    • ‘Our hammers are made by Abel of Germany, our action parts are from Herrbuger Brooke or Renner, our wrest pins are by Klinke of Germany and our felts are from the top mills in the UK.’
    • ‘The soundboard is prepared from selected spruce and the wrest pins and other hardware are of an historic pattern.’
    • ‘The wrest pins, strings and dampers are then replaced.’
    • ‘Apart from moving the tuning pins (wrest pins), what the piano tuner is actually doing is not only invisible, but inaudible to most people.’
    • ‘The tuning, or wrest pins on my harps are tapered, and need a very hard timber to create the friction needed to hold high-tension strings in tune.’
    • ‘The pitch of a string is adjusted higher or lower by turning the wrest pin which increases or lessens the tension on a string.’
    • ‘A tuning crank is used to turn the wrest pins and adjust the strings’ tension.’
    • ‘Belly with oval soundhole with ebony moulding surround, 41 sympathetic strings run inside, close to the belly, from wrest pins at top of body, accessible through a sliding trap, to hitch pins at base.’
    • ‘A larger sized wrest pin is used to guarantee that the piano will hold tune.’
    • ‘This applies to new pianos because, the strings will stretch quite quickly due to the newness of the strings, and to older piano's because the natural drying out process of the wood may cause the wrest pins in the pin block not to hold as tight, therefore slipping slightly out of tune.’