Definition of wrecking ball in English:

wrecking ball


  • A heavy metal ball swung from a crane into a building to demolish it.

    • ‘He had saved the building from the wrecking ball in the 1980s.’
    • ‘In the Guinness book The Fairmount generated worldwide attention 20 years ago when preservationists rescued it from a wrecking ball.’
    • ‘The office block will soon face a wrecking ball as it and a clump of other buildings between it and Lombard Street come down.’
    • ‘Sadly, such neighborhoods are fast disappearing in Shanghai, where tens of millions of square feet of old buildings fall victim each year to the wrecking ball.’
    • ‘The city's downtown buildings escaped the wrecking ball during the urban renewal craze of the 1970s and are now home to dozens of artists and galleries.’
    • ‘The revitalization of the distillery is a boon to heritage advocates, who've lost many valuable structures in recent years, quite often to the wrecking ball.’
    • ‘Last month, tenants of the 21-unit complex joined a growing preservation movement fighting to stave off the wrecking ball by seeking landmark designation for potentially historic buildings.’
    • ‘For safety reasons, the original plan to implode the buildings using explosives was abandoned and wrecking balls and machines were used in the demolition.’
    • ‘A landmark building in downtown Pittsburgh skirted the wrecking ball by looking no further than across the street for a new owner willing to make what turned out to be a $54 million investment in renovation.’
    • ‘At a time when many of the past decades' urban renewal projects are facing the wrecking ball, Detroit's Lafayette Park continues to be a model of urban livability.’
    • ‘The secondary school that was in existence since 1858 was demolished earlier this year but the memories did not crumble with the wrecking ball.’
    • ‘And as he witnessed more and more charming old buildings falling to the wrecking ball, he started to study Lutyens more closely.’
    • ‘You can demolish a stone wall with a sledgehammer, and it's fairly easy to level a five-story building using excavators and wrecking balls.’
    • ‘I watched the crane operator take a swing with the wrecking ball.’
    • ‘In the same month that Bank of China staff moved into their new headquarters in Beijing, wrecking balls knocked down a turn-of-the-century house in Shanghai that conservationists had fought to save.’
    • ‘Now a wrecking ball looms over one of the last two buildings linked to the city's glory days.’
    • ‘Richmond High School, pictured in 1953, now has a date with the wrecking ball after the new Richmond High opened its doors to students earlier this month.’
    • ‘The bulldozers are ready to level the famous sloping pitch, and the wrecking ball waits to put the main stand, with its groaning corrugated iron and leaking roof, out of its misery.’
    • ‘Only yards away from the museum site on Little Horton Lane, the wrecking ball has been put to use as demolition of old buildings on the Broadway site progresses.’
    • ‘I remember standing with my mum watching the old wrecking balls knocking down the tenements when I was about six.’


wrecking ball