Definition of wrapping in English:



mass noun
  • Paper or soft material used to cover or enclose something.

    ‘she took the cellophane wrapping off the box’
    • ‘The Kenny method involved wrapping the affected body part in hot wrappings to ease muscle pain.’
    • ‘This led Harriet and me to delve into the mountains of newspapers that, mingled with Christmas wrappings, were destined for the recycler.’
    • ‘Using computers and medical scanning techniques, it can reveal the secrets of a mummy without disturbing the wrappings.’
    • ‘However, the bus station got its worse grade to date due to the overflowing bins, plastic bottles, plastic bags and plastic wrappings present there.’
    • ‘He crumpled up the juvenile green and yellow paper wrappings and tossed them into a plastic sack.’
    • ‘She crosses to her dresser and seizes something long and silver from a pile of messy boxes and wrappings.’
    • ‘Nestle Bulgaria also has a toll-free number, recently introduced on the boxes and the wrappings of its products.’
    • ‘He also said that the City Council should write to these people and remind them that they were responsible for the chip boxes, chip wrappings and bottles outside their premises.’
    • ‘The project will allow participants to ‘unwrap’ a mummy virtually, to reveal the preserved remains beneath the wrappings and sarcophagus.’
    • ‘They are also offering to send out rubbish patrols after closing to pick up bottles, flyers and food wrappings in the immediate vicinity of the premises.’
    • ‘Delicate cornhusk wrappings and innovative flavor combinations are the calling cards of this Southern California company.’
    • ‘We know it was once highly polished because an unused supply was found in the original tissue paper wrappings.’
    • ‘The fountain in the Corn Exchange has been criticised for being stuffed with food paper wrappings most of the time.’
    • ‘And when the mummy finally reached the van, and the linen wrappings had been removed, the CT scan inexplicably stopped working for more than two hours.’
    • ‘Ethylene is a raw material for making plastic bags and food wrappings.’
    • ‘But who in the right mind will ever reject a good present that comes with beautiful wrappings?’
    • ‘He turned to hydropathy, a Victorian medical fashion in which a patient is given cold showers, steam baths, and wrappings in wet sheets.’
    • ‘They even take care to put their empty wrappings and bottles in the litter bins, and that's something a lot of adults could well emulate.’
    • ‘She came closer, and they observed her, her form under her soft white wrappings.’
    • ‘Much to everyone's humor, Rose amused herself with the gift wrappings and boxes that were trash to everyone else's eyes except her own.’