Definition of wrap in English:



[with object]
  • 1Cover or enclose in paper or soft material.

    ‘he wrapped up the Christmas presents’
    ‘Leonora wrapped herself in a large white bath towel’
    • ‘When he got out of his car they wrapped him in a protest banner.’
    • ‘I checked the closet and found some gold wrapping paper to wrap Angel's present.’
    • ‘The tropical night comes fast - soon a soft darkness wraps the beach except where the gas lanterns light the work of the bhajiwallahs and the fortune tellers.’
    • ‘Leaves were wrapped in moist paper towels and immediately transported to the lab.’
    • ‘A Culinary Institute of America grad and former Neil Stein employee, Curley wraps chicken fingers in black forest ham and Swiss.’
    • ‘Coming back into the room, she wrapped a soft night-robe around her.’
    • ‘The pillars are wrapped in new reflective material which allows light to bounce off the stone and create a natural light in the building.’
    • ‘Please remember your box and its lid should be wrapped separately in Christmas paper and fastened with a rubber band but not sealed.’
    • ‘My presents had been wrapped in tissue paper or cheap linen, with small hollies or nativities on them.’
    • ‘Mieczyslaw wrapped his shoes in paper bags so he wouldn't slip on the snow.’
    • ‘The gifts should be wrapped in Christmas paper, stating whether they are for a man or a woman.’
    • ‘Dr Conrad took a blanket from the bed and wrapped it tightly round him, then gently fished a tissue out of a box and wiped the tears from Danny's face.’
    • ‘He then sent a boy for some brown paper and wrapped the fish in it.’
    • ‘The shoe boxes are then wrapped in Christmas paper and sent off to one of seven countries, mostly in Eastern Europe.’
    • ‘When it has fully cooled and solidified, the fat should be wrapped in old paper then put in the bin.’
    • ‘Fruit were handled with care and, after harvest, were individually wrapped in wet paper towels to retain water.’
    • ‘Now my desk is covered in little slips of curled paper from where they wrapped themselves around the roller.’
    • ‘It was a relief when I finally found my way back to the car and wrapped myself up in Andrea's mummy bag.’
    • ‘Experts are convinced the hair, which was carefully wrapped in tissue paper, is a genuine lock from the Queen's head.’
    • ‘The designers used paper fabric to wrap each chair.’
    swathe, bundle up, swaddle, sheathe, muffle, cloak, enfold, envelop, encase, enclose, cover, fold, wind
    parcel up, parcel, package, pack, pack up, bundle, bundle up, do up, tie up, gift-wrap
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    1. 1.1wrap something round/around Arrange paper or soft material round (someone or something), typically as a covering or for warmth or protection.
      ‘wrap the bandage around the injured limb’
      • ‘Darren sat up on the table while a nurse wrapped some bandages around his ribs.’
      • ‘I dried myself off with a soft towel and wrapped it around myself while I dried my hair and brushed my teeth.’
      • ‘One girl has wrapped a gauze bandage around her little brother's head and smudged it with lipstick to mimic a bloody wound.’
      • ‘Driving six thick logs into the soft soil, I wrapped the ropes around the supporters.’
      • ‘You can insulate your pipes with foam rubber sleeves or fiberglass insulation, wrapping the insulating material around the pipes.’
      • ‘To really show off this all-in-one dish, cut a 16x2 1/2-inch strip of parchment paper and wrap it around each dish.’
      • ‘I wrapped the soft towel around me and used my hand to clear the mirror to stare at myself.’
      • ‘Sliding down from the car, she wraps her coat more tightly around her and jogs down the street.’
      • ‘Exactly how one can survive in severe subzero temperatures with a collection of blankets wrapped around them is a mystery to this viewer.’
      • ‘Then, to my shock, she pulled off her coat so she wouldn't get it dirty and started wrapping bandages around the wounds people had received.’
      • ‘She watched quietly as Pete and colleague Les Goddard wrapped a small bandage around her favourite bear's head.’
      • ‘She looked at him from anxious blue eyes for a moment, and then nonchalantly wrapped a line of gauze around her forearm.’
      • ‘She stepped into a soft linen cloth and dried herself off, wrapping the towel around her long hair.’
      • ‘Once I opened the door, I saw Sakura sitting on the floor wrapping a bandage around her knee.’
      • ‘She was soon wrapping bandages around him, making sure to cover every cut.’
      • ‘Serena is knitting and wraps a skein around Offred's hands.’
      • ‘She wrapped a paper napkin around her uneaten pretzel and gave him her full attention.’
      • ‘I wrapped the fuzzy material around my chest and it hung down to my knees.’
      • ‘If the outside corner is exactly plumb, and they seldom are, you can simply wrap the paper around the corner and begin from its edge on the other side of the corner.’
      • ‘Place the thawed spinach in several layers of paper towels; wrap the towel around the spinach and squeeze over the sink.’
      wind round, twist round, coil round, wrap round, weave, intertwine, interlink, interlace, interweave, interthread, criss-cross, entangle, tangle
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    2. 1.2 Place an arm, finger, or leg round.
      ‘he wrapped an arm around her waist’
      • ‘Her fingers were tightly wrapped over the edge of the mattress and she watched the clock closely.’
      • ‘It'll be tough to wrap your fingers all the way around the bar, but that's the point.’
      • ‘She wrapped her rough fingers round the soft material of the bag and bought it back to her original sitting place.’
      • ‘She then took a spoon, and wrapped Canolmed's fingers around it.’
      • ‘I just wrapped my arms and legs round a handy railing and held tight.’
      • ‘He released my hands, only to wrap his long fingers around my upper arms.’
      • ‘She wrapped her fingers hard around her sister's thin wrists so that Talitha's sleepy moaning turned into a frightened whimpering.’
      • ‘I wrapped my arms unenthusiastically round his waist and we were off.’
      • ‘He just leant towards her, steadying himself with one hand, and wrapping the other round her waist.’
      • ‘He laughed, placing his arms over mine, intertwining our fingers and wrapping both our arms around my upper torso.’
      • ‘He then felt his senses taking control as he wrapped his own arms round her and gave her a small squeeze.’
      • ‘Leaning forward, she wrapped her gloved fingers around the cold railing as she wondered why she had refused Valmont's offer of a dance.’
      • ‘Angela gets her ticket checked and comes up behind us, wrapping her arms around Matt.’
      • ‘As if misplaced there and forgotten, a burning cigarette jutted from between his fingers, which were wrapped around the handle bar.’
      • ‘She wrapped her delicate arms warmly round his, beaming elegantly.’
      • ‘She shoved it back into his hands, but he put it back in her hand and wrapped her fingers over it.’
      • ‘Her eyes were cast down - almost in a guilty manner - to the ground and her fingers were wrapped tightly around the rim of the gold mask.’
      • ‘Fingers go white with loss of feeling having been wrapped round the work bag handles all day.’
      • ‘She looked into his small, delicate face and put her finger into his tiny hand, smiling as he wrapped his little fingers round it.’
      • ‘At that, Terel wrapped his fingers about her arm and began pulling her away.’
    3. 1.3 Clasp; embrace.
      ‘she wrapped him in her arms’
      • ‘Upon hearing them, the old woman wrapped Altair into an embrace similar to the one she'd given Ada, nearly squeezing the life out of him.’
      • ‘I was wrapped in Diogenes' embrace and gazing sleepily at the flames as they danced within the confines of the fire pit.’
      • ‘For several minutes they embraced each other and wrapped themselves in loving passion.’
      • ‘Tom wrapped her body in a comforting embrace as George answered the question.’
      • ‘Remembering the way Chandra and Lydia had embraced her, Bryony wrapped her arms about the child.’
      • ‘A moment later the four of us were wrapped in a huge embrace.’
      • ‘Two of them wrapped him in an embrace of mateship, holding his arms to his side.’
      • ‘Samara yelped when Ethan suddenly grabbed her and gave her a bear hug, wrapping her whole body with his open sweater.’
      • ‘Zeke brought his mouth to mine again, this time coaxing me to wrap him in an embrace.’
      • ‘As a reaction the man grabbed her close to him, wrapping her into an embrace.’
      • ‘I felt Aunt Laura sit next to me and wrap me in another embrace.’
      • ‘Immediately she was wrapped in an embrace, a familiar perfume filling her nose.’
      • ‘I felt someone wrap me in an embrace in the dark alley; I buried my head into their chest, smelling the sweet smell of vanilla.’
      • ‘Before I knew it though tears were streaming down my face and Marco reached over and wrapped me in a bear hug.’
      • ‘It was then that Adam noticed she had her hands wrapped around herself, covering herself up.’
      • ‘She jumped into his embrace, wrapping her arms tightly around his neck as his own encircled her tiny frame.’
      • ‘Precious seconds later, they were wrapped in a tight embrace, each unwilling to let the other go.’
      • ‘The cool, mid-October air meant that we needed to start wearing jackets outside, and in our final embrace, he wrapped me in his.’
      • ‘Jordan was taken aback for a moment before he undid his seatbelt and leant over to his mother to wrap her in his embrace.’
      • ‘He wrapped her in his embrace as the panic he felt earlier finally subsiding.’
      embrace, hug, enfold, fold, enclose, envelop
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    4. 1.4informal Crash a vehicle into (a stationary object)
      ‘Richard wrapped his car around a telegraph pole’
      • ‘‘The car had rear ended and literally wrapped itself round the lamppost,’ he said.’
      • ‘Smoke pours from the hood of the mangled car that has wrapped itself around a sturdy palm.’
      • ‘Toby recognized the car that was now wrapped around a pole; it belonged to one of the local teens.’
      • ‘The car swerved and wrapped itself around a pole.’
  • 2Computing
    Cause (a word or unit of text) to be carried over to a new line automatically as the margin is reached, or to fit around embedded features such as pictures.

    ‘the program can automatically wrap text around irregularly shaped graphics’
    ‘words are wrapped to the next line if they are too long’
    • ‘Some email programs automatically wrap text at a certain number of characters - while others won't wrap the text at all.’
    • ‘Strangely Firefox won't break a word, and so normal text wraps itself, but the moment a long winded URL goes in, it sticks out at the side [so there's a horizontal scroll bar].’
    • ‘Well that was my first try at E-blogging, now I just have to figure out how to wrap the text!’
    • ‘In fact in most cases, it is highly desirable to have an editor that wraps long text lines.’
    • ‘If a line of text is too long to fit between the page margins, the text should be wrapped onto additional lines as needed.’
    1. 2.1no object (of a word or unit of text) be carried over automatically as the margin is reached.
      ‘when you type, the text wraps to the next line’
      ‘the text in the document wraps around the image’
      • ‘I'd like to do what one often sees in printed books - a picture is forced to the top of a page, and the text wraps around it.’
      • ‘For another, the view doesn't stretch the width of the your screen, so text will end up wrapping when on the final page it might not.’
      • ‘The format options tell Vim that we want to automatically wrap comments but don't want code wrapped.’
      • ‘These tools are useful, especially when trying to e-mail a long URL that is likely to wrap in the e-mail.’
      • ‘For some reason, the paragraph on the pages don't wrap - they just go on one line causing a horizontal scrollbar.’
  • 3informal no object Finish filming or recording.

    ‘we wrapped on schedule three days later’
    • ‘However, within a month of Luhrmann's film wrapping, McGregor has to be back at Fox Studios Sydney, this time to start filming the next Star Wars movie.’
    • ‘When the show or movie wraps, all the props are up for grabs.’
    • ‘In January 2000 the film I was producing wrapped, and the editing process began in New York City.’
    • ‘Shooting on the $25-million movie wrapped in April and The Passion is set for a spring 2004 release.’
    • ‘Don McKellar's follow-up to Last Night wrapped in December and should be done for September's festival season.’
    • ‘I was acting during the day, and then we would wrap, we'd eat, I'd write the script for four hours.’
    • ‘When you wrap for the day everyone goes to the bar, and I do too.’
    • ‘After the film wrapped, DeMille had the set dismantled and buried.’
    • ‘Then I watched Nine Queens when we wrapped and it's a fantastic movie.’
    • ‘When the film had wrapped, Arnold and Monroe spent a week together going through contact sheets.’
    • ‘As we wrapped, one of them came to say goodbye, and started to cry.’
    • ‘Still, by the end of the day, Che Fu's done his thing and recording is pretty much wrapped.’
    • ‘The Film Works is currently wrapping production on Virgo's second feature, Love Come Down, starring Deborah Cox.’
    • ‘After the film wrapped, young Tamara was sent to a monastery to ‘develop her third eye.’’
    • ‘We wrapped at 11 p.m., returned the equipment and drank beer, exhausted and exhilarated.’
    • ‘After filming in Mexico wrapped, Rob spent up to 15 hours a day editing and looping hours of film.’
    • ‘This episode was a stretch in every way, causing me to grit my teeth until it wrapped.’
    • ‘The guru of digital filmmaking, Star Wars creator George Lucas, is wrapping the shoot for Star Wars Episode II in Australia.’
    • ‘By the time their film wrapped they were not on speaking terms.’
    • ‘Did you feel a sense of elation when this scene wrapped?’


  • 1A loose outer garment or piece of material.

    ‘beach wraps’
    • ‘She was wearing a kilt that morning, a wrap of heavy pleated material belted at her waist and colored in a green and brown tie-dyed pattern.’
    • ‘Handwoven cotton cloth is sewn into wraps for women and tunics for men, as well as into blankets.’
    • ‘To survive winter mornings and evenings, you need warmer wraps and sweaters.’
    • ‘And as suddenly as it had started, it broke away as Claire slipped out of bed, dragging the top sheet with her as a loose wrap.’
    • ‘For everyday wear men wear a cotton wrap, a shirt, and sandals.’
    • ‘The collection on the ramp includes plenty of blouses, wraps, body-fitted crushed tops and scarves.’
    • ‘The wrap is super soft, warm and is put on when getting out of the shower or bath.’
    • ‘But you need warmer wraps and sweaters for the evenings and early mornings.’
    • ‘With a collection of fashionable and luxurious coats, jackets and wraps, it has all your cold-weather needs covered.’
    • ‘Like her husband, she wore her wealth on an emerald green dress and the fox-fur wrap lying behind her though it was summertime.’
    • ‘Others showed whole garments of fur - coats, jackets and wraps.’
    • ‘They also have a great collections of jewellery and accessories such as shawls and wraps.’
    • ‘Chief bridesmaid Rhauan Jade Young (bride's goddaughter) wore a gold dress, with a wrap and tiara.’
    • ‘It is common for women to cover their lower outer garments with a traditional wrap (lamba).’
    • ‘More fluid designs and flowers bloomed all over the catwalks, on everything from chiffon dresses and silk wraps to shirts, bikinis and kaftans.’
    • ‘The wrap should be loose enough to slip a finger underneath it.’
    • ‘Capes, ponchos and crocheted wraps were teamed with pants and even skirts.’
    • ‘The multi poncho wrap is a bohemian must have when teamed with chocolate brown cord jeans.’
    • ‘However, mothers and grannies of the bride need not be alarmed, as wraps, boleros and capes are very much in vogue for the service at least.’
    • ‘Finally, Dragana Perisic's simple, stylish pieces consists of wraps for men and long straight skirts for women.’
    shawl, stole, cloak, cape, mantle, scarf
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    1. 1.1as modifier (of a garment) having one part overlapping another; wrap-around.
      ‘a wrap skirt’
      • ‘She had finally chosen a black skirt and a white wrap blouse and black beads.’
      • ‘Von Furstenberg's signature wrap dresses have been copied so many times that she often has no wish to be associated with them.’
      • ‘I dressed up and perhaps quirked it a little too much - my 50s style wrap dress and wrist corsage were a little bit strange to some people, I think.’
      • ‘After a swim, put on the wrap skirt over your bikini or swim suit, and go for a drink.’
      • ‘But, revolutionary as the wrap dress proved to be, then and now, she points out that it was hardly a ground-breaking concept.’
      • ‘Sighing once again, Leanne changed out of the comfort of her pyjamas into a knee length brown skirt with sequins on the border and a pink ballet wrap cardigan.’
      • ‘Here's the wrap dress, and a peek in her closet will tell you what size to buy.’
      • ‘There was plenty of creativity on the ramp as Rohit played around with the traditional lungi and wrap skirt combining them with pants.’
      • ‘Elsie ran back into the Tardis, pulled on a black wrap dress and some black kitten heeled boots and re-appeared applying lip gloss.’
      • ‘I tie the wrap cardigan around me and slip my shiny shoes on.’
      • ‘Around her waist was a wrap skirt that tied in the front, brightly patterned with dark and sky blue flowers.’
      • ‘And you shouldn't go country dancing with high heels and a wrap dress on.’
      • ‘The wrap dress in particular is a chic way to cover up and stay cool.’
      • ‘Her emerald wrap skirt was also pulled with the wind.’
      • ‘Tuleh's ruffled wrap dress has little circle prints, and Emanuel Ungaro's cherry blossom branches print shirt is very fashionable.’
      • ‘Top Shop usually has a few wrap dresses in its stores.’
      • ‘I wore a sleeveless, black sweater and a black and whit checked wrap skirt.’
      • ‘For day, wide tweed trousers, a crocheted sweater, a poncho and a hat is a great flamboyant look, or a wrap dress and a bright yellow or green tweed coat with blue tights and fabulous shoes.’
      • ‘Typical usage is a simple trim on a hood or wrap scarf and the fur might just as easily be rabbit as mink.’
      • ‘I wore a dark, denim wrap skirt with a cute, peasant top and of course a white jacket to keep me warm.’
    2. 1.2mass noun Paper or soft material used for wrapping.
      ‘plastic food wrap’
      • ‘Films are the type of flexible plastic used in plastic bags or food wrap, only much thicker.’
      • ‘They will need to wrap their hair with plastic food wrap or a shower cap.’
      • ‘Almost 100 bales of silage wrap, eight bales of straw and a number of tyres were destroyed as the blaze spread to his property.’
      • ‘Remove from heat and cover with plastic wrap, pressing wrap against sauce.’
      • ‘It's best to give the flavors a little time to meld, so wrap the sandwich in plastic wrap and store in the fridge for a few hours if you can.’
      • ‘I prefer to see my food in cello wrap with little indication that it was actually an animal or alive at one time.’
      • ‘He was slowly peeling the cling wrap from his sandwich.’
      • ‘He cut it in half, fat ways, and smiled at me as he wrapped each half in plastic deli wrap.’
      • ‘Forget the toy and just let Fluffy enjoy this colorful paper wrap saturated in pure catnip nectar.’
      • ‘These are all variations on the same thing, though: a soft cloth wrap that holds the baby close.’
      • ‘Bones and plastic food wrap can cause choking and/or obstruct a pet's digestive system, and may require a surgical solution.’
      • ‘The pumpkin-shaped balloon is composed of a lightweight polyethylene film about the thickness of ordinary plastic food wrap.’
      • ‘In the Home department is a selection of Mother's Day cards, wrap and gifts from photo frames to books.’
      • ‘The A-shaped cups are now covered in a shrink-sleeve wrap made from high-quality film.’
      • ‘The silk yarn produced from these equipment can be used as wrap and is a substitute for the imported tasar one.’
      • ‘Seal it all in plastic kitchen wrap, and leave untouched for at least a week to 10 days.’
      • ‘To maintain humidity during germination, I place the flat in a plastic bag, cover it with plastic food wrap or use a plastic humidity cover.’
      • ‘Healthy skin can be pictured as a multi-layer cake covered by a single sheet of clear plastic food wrap to keep it fresh.’
      • ‘Tiny hands forming tiny people out of cereal, foil wrap or paper clips, illustrate the size of children's personally improvised art.’
      • ‘Remove, cut away the cling wrap and serve with the roe sauce.’
    3. 1.3usually wraps A veil of secrecy maintained about something, especially a new project.
      ‘details of the police operation are being kept under wraps’
      • ‘He is also working on another project that he must keep under wraps at the moment.’
      • ‘Although she was keeping the details under wraps, town centre manager Debbie O'Brien did reveal that the theme of this year's display will be Winter Wonderland.’
      • ‘Just how seriously council is considering that option, or other financial decisions associated with the project, is being kept under wraps.’
      • ‘A seaside council criticised by the District Auditor over a contracts scandal was at the centre of a row yesterday for keeping the results of two investigations into what went wrong under wraps.’
      • ‘A separate rate would be arranged for families wishing to hire canoes, although many of the details of the project remain under wraps.’
      • ‘However, the details of when the group was to leave, or the exact route they would take, were kept under wraps by the organisers, who wanted it all to be a surprise for the participants.’
      • ‘The firm's obsessive focus on secrecy helps keep any misdeeds under wraps, say the sources.’
      • ‘It hasn't been that hard to keep it under wraps because if I'm told not to repeat something, then I don't.’
      • ‘While some celebs enjoy parading their latest beau for the camera, most keep their private lives under wraps, preferring to keep their loved ones out of the limelight and away from the gossips.’
      • ‘It goes without saying that I can expect your complete confidence and secrecy in keeping this matter under wraps prefatory to completion.’
      • ‘Intrigued by the regular knee problems encountered by footballers Dr Oyudo recruited the help of a number of English soccer stars, whose names have been kept firmly under wraps.’
      • ‘Details of the scheme are being kept under wraps, but it is likely to be a leisure and entertainment-based development, and the stadium will retain its sports facilities.’
      • ‘The reason there's been such a concerted effort to keep information under wraps now seems obvious: it's because that information is embarrassing.’
      • ‘Unlike Turner, who's accustomed to publicly displaying his developing work, Isaac has previously kept her dances under wraps.’
      • ‘Temasek has traditionally kept its performance and strategies under wraps but it dominates Singapore business like no other company in Western economies.’
      • ‘Although the exact sums are being kept under wraps, a five-figure deal for an England Under-21 squad player makes Howarth an absolute snip for Rovers.’
      • ‘Details of the campaign by Visit Britain, the new organisation responsible for marketing Britain to the rest of the world, are being kept under wraps until the launch in September.’
      • ‘For all that she hogged the spotlight with her public persona, West vigilantly maintained her boundaries, pulling off the remarkable trick of keeping her private life under wraps.’
      • ‘Because it did not have final approval, the project was kept under wraps.’
      • ‘The exact location of the bar and shop is currently under wraps, but Mr Batchelor has promised to unveil his long-awaited stadium designs before the end of the season.’
      secret, top secret, confidential, strictly confidential, classified, restricted, hush-hush, off the record, not for circulation, not for publication, not to be made public, not to be disclosed
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    4. 1.4British informal A small packet of a powdered illegal drug.
      ‘a £5 wrap of speed’
      • ‘Four suspected wraps of class A drugs were found in a flat and taken away for analysis.’
      • ‘The police found around 50 wraps of heroin at the house, with a street value of £20 each.’
      • ‘The next day, officers searched his home discovering three Ecstasy pills, seven wraps of cocaine and cannabis resin hidden in an aftershave box.’
      • ‘Behind the ordinary front of one of the houses targeted police recovered 300 wraps of crack cocaine, which would have had a street value of £20 each.’
      • ‘In his pants, police found three wraps of heroin totalling 851 mg and two of crack cocaine totalling 311 mg.’
      • ‘After Brown let them into the property, they found two bags containing money along with four wraps of heroin and two wraps of cocaine inside a small wooden box.’
      • ‘A man threw a £70 wrap of heroin out of a window when police raided his Braintree home looking for drugs, Chelmsford Crown Court heard.’
      • ‘Three wraps of white powder were later found when police searched her home.’
      • ‘He told police it was a marijuana cigarette but when officers found it they discovered it was a bag containing wraps of crack cocaine weighing a total of just over four grammes.’
      • ‘The rookie dealers are given about 10 wraps of heroin or crack cocaine at a time.’
      • ‘Lisa has tracked a drug dealer carrying 16 wraps of heroin through York city centre and radioed police to put them on his trail.’
      • ‘Six wraps of suspected drugs, money and other equipment were seized.’
      • ‘Officers discovered drugs worth more than £2,000, including more than 40 wraps of heroin and a similar number of crack cocaine rocks.’
      • ‘On the kitchen table were some electronic scales which were switched on, a wrap of heroin and pieces of silver foil.’
      • ‘Some of these substances could have been used fraudulently to mimic illicit drugs, a distinct possibility in the case of paracetamol, which was found powdered and in wraps.’
      • ‘In January another raid resulted in officers seizing heroin and six wraps with street value of £1, 500.’
      • ‘Four wraps of heroin and two wraps of crack cocaine were found.’
      • ‘In addition to the cannabis paraphernalia, they found a wrap of cocaine worth £30 in his bag.’
      • ‘A drug dealer who sold wraps of heroin to undercover detectives has been jailed for three years.’
      • ‘Two drugs wraps were handed over for a total of £20.’
  • 2informal usually in singular The end of a session of filming or recording.

    ‘right, it's a wrap’
    • ‘I just finished a wrap last week on a movie called Bottoms Up, which is a romantic comedy.’
    • ‘As the testing draws to a close and the director calls a wrap on the shoot, I realise the Ferrari 355 Spyder hasn't been part of the proceedings at all.’
    • ‘The director keyed his radio and announced that this segment was a wrap and that John and Shawn should get themselves to the set.’
    • ‘I think everyone was very relieved when the director called it a wrap for the night.’
  • 3A tortilla wrapped around a cold filling, eaten as a sandwich.

    • ‘So, smear the wrap or sandwich with guacamole, hummus, coleslaw or tsatsiki and add in some salami, tinned tuna or grated farmhouse cheddar.’
    • ‘But while the more adventurous opt for tortilla wraps and spicy fillings, just as many will plump for a basic cheese roll.’
    • ‘The Point Cafe also offers a variety of breakfast items, as well as soup, salads, sandwiches and wraps.’
    • ‘Romberg orders a couple appetizers - lettuce wraps and fried calamari - to help inspire his decision.’
    • ‘Wholemeal, ciabatta, bagels, pitta bread or tortilla wraps will be a welcome change.’
    • ‘In sandwich bars, ask for granary bread, and in supermarkets choose granary rolls, pittas and tortilla wraps.’
    • ‘The place is bright and open and specializes in wraps, salads and paninis.’
    • ‘This was mushroom, sun-dried tomato and rice in a tortilla wrap.’
    • ‘Ratings did not differ between the four recipes (tuna risotto, filled tortilla wraps, peach crisp, hummus).’
    • ‘Remember, too, that you can slice a wrap into sushi-like tortilla discs.’
    • ‘I ordered French fries and a wrap, and Devon just got some fries.’
    • ‘Just because a wrap comes with bacon and cheese doesn't mean you have to like it.’
    • ‘For the main course, gourmet sandwiches, wraps and hot paninis are on offer, but Anderson's speciality is really its seven delicatessen plates.’
    • ‘If sliced bread is too heavy, place the meat with a little lettuce and a splash of mustard or dressing in a spinach tortilla wrap.’
    • ‘The club sandwiches and, in particular, the gorgeous savoury wraps are the staple diet of their many regulars.’
    • ‘Open from noon - 11 pm every day except Sunday, Cello offers a range of paninis and melts, pizzas, wraps, fajitas and light meals as well as grills.’
    • ‘Besides the usual Italian favorites, Pete's has sandwiches, wraps, wings and even ribs and barbecue.’
    • ‘Also try lemon-pepper or honey-roasted turkey - both are healthful and delicious in sandwiches and wraps.’
    • ‘Or pick up a turkey wrap with tomato pesto, carrots and sprouts from the Harvest Market about a mile from Stowe on Mountain Road.’
    • ‘They then enjoyed a healthy lunch, including vegetable kebabs, dips, and tortilla wraps.’

Phrasal Verbs

  • wrap up

    • 1Put on (or dress someone in) warm clothes.

      ‘wrap up warm’
      ‘Tim was well wrapped up against the weather’
      • ‘The baby was born in a matter of minutes and I wrapped her up in a coat that was in the car and gave her straight to her mum.’
      • ‘She was shaking even though she was wrapped up in a thick long coat in the middle of summer.’
      • ‘When she had finished wrapping Gwin up in scarf and coat, she immediately disappeared back to the observatory to gather his own outside items.’
      • ‘My father wrapped me up in his bathrobe and I got to sit up with my parents drink flat ginger ale and watch Johnny Carson.’
      • ‘Ms Robinson is wrapped up in a duvet and wears an overcoat, an all-enveloping shawl and mittens on her presumably chilled fingers.’
      • ‘We wrapped him up with thermal blankets because he didn't know how long he'd been in the water and there was a danger of hypothermia.’
      • ‘I was wrapped up in my big coat, my lovely new thick scarf around my neck, beanie on my head and my hood pulled over it.’
      • ‘They wrapped her up again in the blanket, underneath the gown, and she looked like a little angel.’
      • ‘Jarlox himself just wore pantaloons, his golden skin seeming to glow a little bit in the sun while both Autumn and Sofi were wrapped up in their cloaks, content to hide from view.’
      • ‘By this time, Neeley had given birth to the first girl and the officers wrapped her up in Karen's police jacket to keep her warm.’
      dress warmly, wear warm clothes, put on more clothes, muffle up
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    • 2in imperativeBe quiet; stop talking or making a noise.

      be quiet, quieten down, be silent, fall silent, stop talking, hold one's tongue, keep one's lips sealed
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  • be wrapped up in

    • Be so absorbed in (something) that one does not notice other people or things.

      ‘he was too wrapped up in the historic importance of his campaign’
      • ‘She was wrapped up in more important problems then what Bull had to say about her.’
      • ‘I don't consider myself to be wrapped up in my own little world, I just like to look at things from a slightly different angle from them.’
      • ‘We knew that to achieve this goal we would have to hold events that everyone would attend which did not require people to be wrapped up in politics.’
      • ‘Elendil didn't notice the slight sarcasm because he was wrapped up in his jealousy of Hildor.’
      • ‘He is wrapped up in thought, intelligent thought no doubt, but it has this buffer effect between him and whatever is around him.’
      • ‘‘I would get home and I'd still be wrapped up in the job,’ says David.’
      • ‘I didn't really notice who was doing what though, too busy being wrapped up in my own world.’
      • ‘The book, intended primarily for an academic audience, has been given so much political attention and been wrapped up in such emotional fervor, that the point of the text has largely been missed, Laine said.’
      • ‘Sorry for the delays in posting - I've been wrapped up in a project that has kept me from the blog!’
      • ‘She had not appreciated her mother's predicament and was wrapped up in her own concerns.’
  • wrap something up

    • 1Complete or conclude a discussion or agreement.

      ‘they hope to wrap up negotiations within sixty days’
      • ‘It was fun if a little light, as though she couldn't be bothered finishing it so she just wrapped it up quickly and then summarised subsequent events in the epilogue.’
      • ‘The whole matter was wrapped up in 24 hours, because so many people were riled up and got involved.’
      • ‘They wrap it up with some fascinating conclusions and five answers to ‘what to do and how to do it.’’
      • ‘I have one last point, because it would be helpful, I think, to wrap things up, and it deals with your assessment again within your report on an aspect of the gender issue.’
      • ‘But Washington is insisting that more negotiations are needed before the long-running dispute can be wrapped up.’
      • ‘Menigo said it was hoped the case would be wrapped up by June 25.’
      • ‘‘There has been a lot of interest in the property and we're hoping to wrap it up in the next week,’ he told the Western People.’
      • ‘The chapter is also abnormally short, but hopefully it wraps things up well.’
      • ‘Lowe auctioneers have been in negotiations with interested buyers and now expect to wrap the sale up in the next two weeks.’
      • ‘That about wraps it up for today, I hope to have some more news tomorrow as we start working on the Prestonia review as well as some other product reviews and articles that have been in the works for a while.’
      conclude, finish, end, bring to an end, bring to a close, bring to a conclusion, round off, terminate, stop, cease, finalize, complete, settle, tie up, put the finishing touches to
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      1. 1.1Win a game or competition.
        ‘Australia wrapped up the series 4–0’
        • ‘Ten minutes before half-time Unsworth wrapped the game up.’
        • ‘Rangers appeared to have wrapped the game up early enough, Colin Stein scoring first, then Willie Johnston adding a second and third on either side of the half-time break.’
        • ‘Another two tries for Kippax and a final drop goal wrapped the game up at 23-6.’
        • ‘And they appeared to have wrapped the game up when Mark Dickinson touched down between the posts.’
        • ‘Although honours in the end were evenly shared after a hard fought contest, one could not help feeling that Yorkshire could have wrapped the game up inside three days if they had adopted different tactics.’
        • ‘St. Martin's proceeded to wrap the game up with a series of points and a late goal.’
        • ‘Skipper Mark Dobie scored for the visitors in the 79th minute and then wrapped the game up in the 86th minute when he curled in a superb shot from 20 yards.’
        • ‘Connor McGrann wrapped the game up in the final minute with a excellent run and shot.’
        • ‘Accrington Stanley manager John Coleman must have sat back safe in the knowledge that his side had wrapped the game up after just two minutes.’
        • ‘The Robins pressed for an equaliser but the visitors wrapped the game up when Gavin Dickinson scored after a good break in the 67th minute.’
        come first in, finish first in, be victorious in, triumph in, take first prize in, achieve success in, be successful in, prevail in
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Middle English: of unknown origin.