Definition of worshipper in English:


(US worshiper)


  • 1A person who shows reverence and adoration for a deity.

    ‘Viking warriors, worshippers of Thor and Odin’
    ‘three thousand worshippers attend the mosque’
    • ‘This is meant to humble the worshipper in the presence of God.’
    • ‘It would perhaps not occur to the Muslim worshipper to describe his or her experience of the Qur'an in such words.’
    • ‘I get letters regularly from a harrassed worshipper who is regularly scandalised by the indecent haste with which her parish priest gets through the Mass.’
    • ‘She was believed to be a worshipper of Satan.’
    • ‘Flowers, left by local people, fill the porch of the 19th-century chapel where the Queen Mother was a regular worshipper.’
    1. 1.1 A person who feels great admiration or devotion for someone or something.
      ‘Edward was an unrepentant worshipper of power’
      • ‘I am a confirmed and long-term sun worshipper.’
      • ‘She was Cara's worshipper, nowhere near the same social status as Cara when it came to money.’
      • ‘His gestures, his mannerisms and voice all seem too large, too forced to give him any chance of not being the standard straitjacketed worshipper of protocol.’
      • ‘I was enthralled by the social battles that had ravaged England in the post-war years and became an ardent supporter of the Whigs, a worshipper of Lord Grey and Lord John Russell.’
      • ‘She has managed to destroy past impressions of her as an iron-fisted hater of consumers and worshipper of monopoly.’