Definition of worsen in English:



  • Make or become worse.

    no object ‘her condition worsened on the flight’
    with object ‘arguing actually worsens the problem’
    ‘the country's worsening economic situation’
    • ‘The proposed bank restructuring will dramatically worsen this economic situation.’
    • ‘Experts predict that the situation could worsen next month because of adverse weather conditions.’
    • ‘As their finances worsened, Monet fell behind with the rent and was unable to pay the servants' wages.’
    • ‘As Ma's condition worsens, the siblings are forced to face up to various family tensions.’
    • ‘Drugs reduce the symptoms and prevent the condition worsening while some patients are fitted with pacemakers.’
    • ‘In January last year his condition worsened when his left eye became infected and he was left totally blind.’
    • ‘During the dry season the condition of the rivers worsens as water levels drop.’
    • ‘In the second half with both teams tiring and the conditions worsening it was down to who wanted to win the game more.’
    • ‘Taking a sympathetic approach helps while an aggressive one worsens situations.’
    • ‘A lifeboat was due to stay close to the vessel overnight in case conditions worsened.’
    • ‘His parents Derrick and Evelyn gave up their jobs to become his full-time carers as his condition worsened.’
    • ‘Economic indicators started to worsen in September with the increase of fuel prices.’
    • ‘Now she fears unless he is brought home soon he may slump into depression and his condition could worsen.’
    • ‘Over the coming period, as the economic situation inevitably worsens, these demands will only intensify.’
    • ‘His last X-ray in June last year revealed his condition had not worsened.’
    • ‘Conditions are now worsening as the days become shorter and the roads icier.’
    • ‘These policies have worsened already deteriorating social conditions in the state.’
    • ‘He was left with no steerage in force seven gales and the situation worsened when all power and communications were lost.’
    • ‘But his condition worsened and became terminal when the cancer spread to his lymphatic glands.’
    • ‘As the tiny girl's condition worsened, the Proctors longed for a donor to help give their daughter a fresh chance.’
    aggravate, exacerbate, make worse, compound, add to, intensify, increase, magnify, heighten, inflame, augment
    deteriorate, degenerate, decline, become worse, get worse, grow worse, take a turn for the worse, weaken
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