Definition of wormy in English:



  • 1(of organic tissue) infested with or eaten into by worms.

    ‘the prisoners received wormy vegetables’
    • ‘Inside, she's still the little girl she was in third grade, the one that wore the dark colors constantly, who was surrounded by the wormy peaches, spider webs, vampires, dead cats, and mummies.’
    • ‘In a case, along with a mesh of wormy buckskin, were three little locks of blond hair, held in beaded clasps.’
    • ‘I cut a bit of the wormy thing off and popped it in my mouth.’
    • ‘Once an old lady had complained about a wormy flounder and he said, "Hey, go fish yourself!"’
    • ‘It's like selling wormy apples and telling customers that they're just going to have to become more sophisticated eaters of apples.’
    decaying, decayed, rotting, bad, off, decomposed, decomposing, putrid, putrescent, spoiled, spoilt, tainted, perished, mouldy, mouldering, mildewy, sour, rancid, rank, festering, fetid, stinking, smelly, unfit for human consumption
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    1. 1.1 (of wood or a wooden object) full of holes made by woodworm.
      ‘this room, with its wormy beams and eaved ceiling, is most attractive’
      • ‘After eating from wormy, mouldy trenchers, one would get ‘trench mouth.’’
      • ‘A lot of wormy chestnut was left to rot in the forest or fed into wood stoves to heat homes before it became a prized wood.’
      • ‘His paintings inspired a new type of frame made of wormy chestnut wood.’
      • ‘Over the centuries, which makers used wormy wood?’
  • 2informal (of a person) weak, abject, or repulsive.

    ‘you wormy piece of slime!’
    in combination ‘I remember this tall, wormy-looking kid’
    • ‘He ignored his wormy friend, concentrating again on his hatred for the boy they were spying on.’
    • ‘In front of him was a small wormy guy, holding a small gun and glaring.’
    • ‘Flanagan's actually decent here, given that all he has to do is yell a lot and look intimidating in a wormy sort of way - with a little luck, he could have a great career playing villains in better projects.’
    • ‘Starting her own record label with the money she's gotten in a divorce settlement from her ex-husband Abe, Anna is disparagingly called a ‘housewife’ by her wormy former brother-in-law Ben.’
    • ‘Rodman's nickname was The Worm; Wallace makes his living in the weight room, and there isn't a thing wormy about him.’