Definition of world view in English:

world view


  • A particular philosophy of life or conception of the world.

    ‘a Christian world view revolves around the battle of good and evil’
    • ‘No, I'm watching the mind at work, moving fluidly between ideas before weaving them into a cohesive world view.’
    • ‘Apart from being completely unscientific and unsupported this whole line betrays a world view of utter despair.’
    • ‘Therefore, the researcher is limited in the degree to which he or she can genuinely adopt the world view of the people being studied.’
    • ‘The scientific perspective is a profoundly kinetic view of the world, a world view predisposed to change.’
    • ‘Eco argues passionately for a world view that is tolerant of those who are different, as we all ultimately are.’
    • ‘You tend to take every new idea in, and meld it with your world view.’
    • ‘I refer to the far greater and more sweeping drama in which we are all caught up and which will profoundly affect our world view in the years ahead.’
    • ‘In the following weeks, I came to realise that I had to reassess my world view.’
    • ‘Was it the man himself or someone else with a bigger world view?’
    • ‘I feel like my world view will not sustain itself and I may implode.’
    • ‘He argued that the journalists have a particular world view that can't be shaken up.’
    • ‘Behind this need to retaliate is the damage to our world view.’
    • ‘Labour have been severely punished for the social and economic policies that lie at the very core of their world view.’
    • ‘The idea of reticence or modesty played little part in their world view.’
    • ‘Impose your world view on others because you don't like the world view being imposed by those others.’
    • ‘I realise I'm wrong about both of these people, I just can't bring myself to embrace their world view.’
    • ‘It has a broad world view, but with a healthy North-West England bias.’
    • ‘This type is in quest for a comprehensive view, the world picture, the big answers to the big questions.’
    • ‘Their world view was the most unpleasant ever conceived by man.’
    • ‘The fact that she cannot comprehend this says more about her world view than ours.’
    beliefs, credo, faith, convictions, ideology, ideas, thinking, notions, theories, doctrine, tenets, values, principles, ethics, attitude, line, view, viewpoint, outlook, school of thought
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world view