Definition of workpiece in English:



  • An object being worked on with a tool or machine.

    • ‘Further, because the workpiece and OD wheel stay on this one machine, and the belt does not have to be changed, the company says maintaining part accuracy is greatly improved.’
    • ‘The workpiece is automatically conveyed from an input magazine.’
    • ‘Intensive vibration can be transmitted to the hands and arms of operators from vibrating tools, vibrating machinery or vibrating workpieces.’
    • ‘Moving to the fixturing and transporting of the workpiece, we arrive at a point where there are clear system differences.’
    • ‘The result is a small plastic deformation of the surface structure of the workpiece.’
    • ‘The saw assembly is pivotably mounted on a saw table such that the saw assembly can be lowered towards the table to cut a workpiece resting on the table.’
    • ‘The feeds and speeds of the drills can be changed depending on the tool position in the workpiece.’
    • ‘For increased accuracy, the company's systems include linear stages that move the workpiece, as well as direct-drive rotary motors for tube cutting.’
    • ‘Unlike conventional spot welds or contact lasers that follow the contours of a part, 3 - D laser welding uses a remote industrial laser located 10 feet above the workpiece.’
    • ‘In this way the workpiece gradually gains height, and when the process is complete you have a component made of binder and steel powder that is already the right shape.’
    • ‘This keeps the saw blade from twisting at one end only, permitting the user to turn corners without the top of the frame contacting the workpiece.’
    • ‘So machine manufacturers are adding rigidity to components such as the workpiece, spindle, and cutting tool.’
    • ‘During the operation, the spindle operates at 2,000 rpm or less and the tool oscillates in and out of the workpiece thereby assuring the quality of the thread form and surface finish.’
    • ‘The workpiece stays fixed on one machine, and the spindles needed for the multiple grinds ride on the grinder's high-precision wheelhead.’
    • ‘One of the challenges of crank grinding relates to clamping the workpiece in the chuck so that the crank pin can be cylindrically ground.’
    • ‘Electrical energy is transformed into high-frequency vibrations, which are directed into the workpieces in a holding fixture through an ultrasonic horn.’
    • ‘Switch off the power before moving the workpiece.’
    • ‘Specifically developed for medical device applications, a gun-type drilling machine practically eliminates bore run-out by rotating the tool and the workpiece in opposite directions.’
    • ‘The tool surrounds the workpiece and it provides the cutting speed while the workpiece is rotated by the hydraulic chucks; this provides the feed.’
    • ‘Those are the sorts of benefits that can be achieved by utilizing hard turning in place of grinding for a variety of workpieces, ranging from gear blanks to wheel hubs.’