Definition of workers' compensation in English:

workers' compensation


mass nounAustralian, NZ
  • 1Legislation that provides for financial compensation for employees injured at work.

    ‘workers' compensation was introduced, guaranteeing employees some compensation whether or not the employer had been at fault’
    • ‘A fresh outbreak in hostilities over workers compensation reform in NSW looms.’
    • ‘Trade unions are raising concerns about the direction of the state's workers compensation scheme now under its new leadership.’
    • ‘I spent vast amounts of time making reports on how to improve health and workers' compensation and the administration of criminal law.’
    • ‘They planned to oppose him for refusing to cross a union picket line at parliament house protesting the workers compensation reforms.’
    • ‘Under Australian workers compensation laws, psychological injury can be compensated if work contributes to the injury or aggravates an existing injury.’
    • ‘He primarily worked around local government and workers compensation.’
    • ‘Under current workers compensation legislation, the agency has proven to be incapable of dealing with this problem.’
    • ‘The NSW Parliament has rejected more than 300 statements of protest against the state's workers compensation laws because it refuses to recognise online petitions.’
    • ‘They have been continuing to talk turkey on the proposed changes to the state's workers compensation system.’
    • ‘Our campaign on workers compensation had a strong focus on online activism.’
    1. 1.1 Financial compensation paid to an employee injured at work.
      ‘an employer who has paid workers' compensation may recover some of the costs from the third party’
      • ‘The state spokeswoman said that he was hired in November 2005 and worked in the prison until he was released on workers' compensation in May.’
      • ‘Either he cannot claim workers compensation or he takes his chances and claims common law damages and sues.’
      • ‘A number of workers have had to leave the call centre industry because of diseases such as noise sensitivity, and they are not covered by workers' compensation.’
      • ‘When we did our survey, we could find no outworker who had actually lodged a workers' compensation claim.’
      • ‘I have not filed a workers compensation claim over anybody doing anything and never considered doing so.’
      • ‘It was a lady who had a psychological injury, and she was claiming workers compensation as a result of stress.’
      • ‘As non-unionist casuals, they could be denied workers' compensation if injured.’
      • ‘She said she thought that he collected workers' compensation and had bought the car with money he received from a lawsuit over the injury.’
      • ‘He was seeking wages, workers' compensation payments, and nothing more.’
      • ‘The workers' compensation rates vary from state to state.’