Definition of work of art in English:

work of art

nounPlural works of art

  • 1A painting, sculpture, poem, piece of music, or other product of the creative arts, especially one with strong imaginative or aesthetic appeal.

    ‘the prints are some of the most important works of art ever made’
    • ‘The question is, though, is this a viable way to value a work of art or any creative work?’
    • ‘Each sketch is an individual work of art and represents a historically accurate reflection of a time past.’
    • ‘Many flawed artists have created great works of art.’
    • ‘As such, they are prominent among the popular divinities represented in the works of art of the classical period.’
    • ‘It is a reproduced miniature work of art with distinct aesthetic qualities.’
    • ‘The archive holds some of the oldest and most precious works of art and treasure known to man.’
    • ‘The fine draperies and linens had been removed along with the fine works of art and small sculptures.’
    • ‘In their different ways the works of art on display all offer some variety of escapism.’
    • ‘These are just some of the amazing works of art on display at the fourth year art gallery this spring in East Campus Hall.’
    • ‘These works of art will then be auctioned off to the highest bidder.’
    • ‘The viewer is thus able to imagine the works of art in any number of contexts and arrangements.’
    • ‘The popular appeal of more private, intimate works of art remained strong into the beginning of the nineteenth century.’
    • ‘Mackenzie is incensed by wealthy patrons hiding works of art away in private collections.’
    • ‘Incredible works of art, these enormous paintings are an extraordinary sight.’
    • ‘This gives the opportunity to all local artists to display their works of art.’
    • ‘Images entered should be able to stand alone as a work of art and will be judged on their aesthetic values only.’
    • ‘It's a work of art appealing directly to the wallets of those who can afford the £60,000 price tag.’
    • ‘Imagine denouncing a work of art for the political views of its creator.’
    composition, piece, creation, achievement, accomplishment
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    1. 1.1 Something that is very attractively presented or intricately detailed.
      ‘even the salad was a work of art’
      • ‘Her cakes are remarkable works of art, too bad they get eaten.’
      • ‘I love the fact that en masse it seems so bland, yet in miniature each snowflake is a work of art.’
      • ‘The Thai sushi legend has fallen in love with the art of Asian modern cuisine, making his culinary masterpieces true works of art.’
      • ‘Well over 100 of the pumpkins are carved into veritable works of art, and presented in themed scenes with music.’
      • ‘The parade is a riot of elaborate costumes and clothing with many of the get-ups real works of art.’
      • ‘So much there is so beautiful - just a shop window display is a work of art.’


work of art