Definition of Work and Income in English:

Work and Income


mass nounNZ
  • An agency of the New Zealand government which provides services in the areas of unemployment, social security, and student finance (formerly known as Work and Income New Zealand)

    ‘emergency accommodation will be paid for by Work and Income’
    • ‘If one walks into the Work and Income office, one is not automatically signed up to the unemployment benefit.’
    • ‘That progress is thanks to a healthy labour market and excellent work by front-line staff in Work and Income.’
    • ‘Over two-and-a-half years, she defrauded Work and Income of $22,400.’
    • ‘I have travelled around the country and spoken to many people in Work and Income offices.’
    • ‘A range of different training options will be made available, including expanding the Gateway and Modern Apprenticeships programmes, as well as providing specialised support from Work and Income.’
    • ‘Although Work and Income knows where the former tenant lives, it refuses to give that information out to an officer of the court.’
    • ‘Subsidies available to tenants who were struggling, and they needed to access these through Work and Income.’
    • ‘How quickly does Work and Income take action when a superannuitant fails to advise the department?’
    • ‘People can, of course, list their preferred options when they apply for work with Work and Income.’
    • ‘She began living with a man but failed to tell Work and Income.’