Definition of woolly-headed in English:



  • Vague or confused in character or expression.

    ‘a woolly-headed idealist’
    • ‘Mid-afternoon champagne left me suitably woolly-headed and struggling with my emails well before six.’
    • ‘His slow, strongly accented speech, when he is speaking in English, adds to the woolly headed professor image.’
    • ‘They are fuelled by idealistic, woolly-headed, utopian notions of equality.’
    • ‘This probably sounds woolly headed, but they're actually all winners to some degree.’
    • ‘There's something faintly disconcerting about watching a former financial guru revert to the language of a woolly-headed students' union rally.’
    • ‘These claims have been based on false hopes and expectations that have been built up by woolly-headed lawmakers.’
    • ‘It is woolly-headed to suppose that Liverpool, in debilitating form, could suddenly be converted to flamboyance and virtuosity.’
    • ‘Prominent right-wing pundits like to portray the above interventions as woolly-headed meddling by decadent, smug millionaires.’
    • ‘I don't know what you're like when you haven't had a day off in three weeks but I get a bit woolly headed and unable to commit to basic chores.’
    • ‘This is yet another case of dippy woolly-headed liberal thinking.’
    • ‘This sort of woolly headed thinking that believes only left-leaning intellectuals know what's best for us belongs back in the Dark Ages.’
    • ‘His work has always struck me as a fusion of woolly-headed theology, half-digested evolutionary biology, and just plain bad, even ugly writing.’
    • ‘His fond daydream shows that he is perfectly capable of the woollyheaded nonsense he decries in others.’
    • ‘That question sounds a bit woolly headed to me.’
    confused, muddled, addled, bewildered, disoriented, disorientated, all at sea, mixed up, fazed, perplexed, stunned, dazed, dizzy, stupefied, groggy, foggy, fuzzy, fuddled, benumbed, numbed, numb, vague
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