Definition of woodwork in English:



mass noun
  • 1The wooden parts of a room or building, such as window frames or doors.

    ‘the woodwork was painted blue’
    • ‘Of primary concern are small children, who have been known to teethe on painted woodwork, such as window sills.’
    • ‘Wall paintings can also be damaged, as well as all the interior woodwork and seating being rendered filthy and unpleasant.’
    • ‘Doors and woodwork are all painted - usually a shade of green; fabrics and tapestries are draped over furniture while the floors are covered with good Oriental carpets.’
    • ‘The Scots baronial style is evident in other exterior detail, and more so in the splendid woodwork of the interior.’
    • ‘This includes cottage crafts, intarsia woodwork, beautiful lampshades, jewellery, embroidery, candlewicking and heaps more.’
    • ‘With a Romanesque Revival exterior style, the interior has extensive hand-carved woodwork in the shape of mermaids and mythical animals.’
    • ‘However, small children have been known to incur health problems by ingesting loose chips of lead paint or by teething on painted woodwork, such as windowsills.’
    • ‘It cuts wood providing a way to give a clean and even a decorative edge to woodwork.’
    • ‘For anyone who can remember the building when in use there must be the question of where did the interior woodwork disappear to the oak panels on the walls and the wood bench, dock and seating?’
    • ‘Up on the first floor, doors lead off from a central landing to a bathroom with decorative woodwork and a mosaic-tiled shower cubicle, and four bedrooms, one of which is currently fitted out as a dressing room.’
    • ‘The original 1920s carriages have been beautifully restored, with gleaming woodwork, woven lace macassars, inlaid Lalique glass panels and wing-backed armchairs.’
    • ‘Regular removal of dust with a soft cloth or a vacuum cleaner brush is all the cleaning needed for most real wood paneled walls and woodwork.’
    • ‘The community rooms a beautiful spacious room has its cornice elegantly designed in stonework and the door ornamented in woodwork.’
    • ‘Got home to find my windows sparkly white and some paint on the polished woodwork of my front door.’
    • ‘In addition, occupants of all houses were involved in various forms of painting and woodwork activities.’
    • ‘A. The easiest solution is to apply a coat of shellac to all the interior woodwork.’
    • ‘Gloss is usually oil-based and slow to dry but very hard-wearing, and is often used for interior woodwork.’
    • ‘Use a rich color in at least one room, and paint your ceilings and woodwork too!’
    • ‘Students create sensitive rubbings of textural walls, bricks, decorative woodwork, stucco and stones.’
    • ‘Use your angular brush on woodwork and window frames, your trim brush on corners and edges.’
    1. 1.1the woodworkinformal The wooden frame of a soccer goal (used in reference to a shot that is a near miss)
      ‘Derby twice hit the woodwork’
      • ‘After the break Morton threatened straight away and Moffat burst a slack home defence to beat keeper Brown, but his shot hit the woodwork and Curran missed the rebound.’
      • ‘Alberto Gilardino also struck the woodwork, his shot dribbling off Kingston, but the Italians still led by the interval.’
      • ‘He wondered what might have happened had Tommy Gill's shot not hit the woodwork and Paddy Dalton missed the rebound with only minutes to go.’
      • ‘In the 25th minute Pa Brennan's shot hit the woodwork while at the other end Ray Shannon rattled the crossbar in the 36th minute.’
      • ‘But Rovers levelled through Mick Gosling, who was denied a winner in the last few minutes when his shot hit the woodwork.’
      • ‘In Division One, Ingleton Reserves had no luck in front of goal with three shots hitting the woodwork, while City Contracts went ahead with a Nigel Barrass goal.’
      • ‘At the other end Rovers best chances came on 57 minutes, Nolan's shot hit the woodwork and on 78 minutes when Mark Nolan had his attempt go just wide of the upright.’
      • ‘Mike Lealman won and scored an early penalty for Thornton before two incredible goals put Heslerton, who also hit the woodwork twice, ahead.’
      • ‘Danby had beaten the York-based side in the first match of the season but Rowntree made a brilliant start with Vanessa Walker hitting the woodwork with a blistering shot.’
      • ‘Costa Rica might have scored twice before Brazil had mustered the first of their many shots; the Central Americans went on to hit the woodwork twice and miss a series of glaring chances.’
      • ‘Rangers hit the woodwork twice and missed other good chances but Maritimo deserved the only goal of the game.’
      • ‘Everton hit the woodwork twice, had two penalty appeals turned down, but in the end found themselves with an uphill battle against a determined a defiant Spurs who maintained their unbeaten away league record.’
      • ‘The rafters at Goodison were soon reverberating, as was one of Charlton's goalposts when Beattie's angled shot rebounded from the woodwork.’
      • ‘Rangers might have run in half a dozen had Michael Mols and Shota Arveladze's finishing been better, and they had two goals disallowed and hit the woodwork twice.’
      • ‘You have to remember they didn't even have a shot at our goalkeeper and we also hit the woodwork twice.’
      • ‘Italy had hit the woodwork twice in extra-time, after all, as well as beating Jens Lehmann twice so late.’
      • ‘Long Lee hit the woodwork twice following well-worked free kicks from Sammy Bailey and Matthew Kershaw.’
      • ‘Barnoldswick Barons were left to regret two shots which hit the woodwork when they went down 2-1 at home to Bradley.’
      • ‘In addition to their two goals, Leeds also hit the woodwork twice and had a good penalty shout for handball rejected.’
      • ‘Two goals, defensive mistakes, arguments, shots cannoning off the woodwork, it had it all.’
  • 2British The activity or skill of making things from wood.

    ‘he taught woodwork at night school’
    • ‘Visitors will be able to learn the medieval crafts of their ancestors, such as barrel making, bodging - an ancient form of woodwork - basket making and spinning.’
    • ‘Other parts of the curriculum are delivered in food technology workshops with naked flame gas cookers and resistant material workshops with woodwork and metalwork equipment.’
    • ‘The competition tests team-member's abilities in a variety of creative tasks including cookery, woodwork, crafts and computer skills.’
    • ‘I taught woodwork at the then Plymouth Junior Secondary School.’
    • ‘To compound this problem, the school curriculum does not make provision for practical subjects such as woodwork, metal work, etc.’
    • ‘He was never on the pay roll but voluntarily taught woodwork at evenings and weekends.’
    • ‘A mentor, who offers incentives for good behaviour like day trips, has also helped boost the 14-year-old's maths, woodwork and teamwork skills.’
    • ‘The young artist had been working as a computer artist for Sesame Street, but gave that up to teach woodwork to the young people of Laborie in the southwest of the island.’
    • ‘What this boiled down to was that maths and social studies were to be taught in Afrikaans, while general science and practical subjects like homecraft and woodwork would be taught in English.’
    • ‘During the day, classes were held for local men and women in basketmaking, woodwork, and embroidery.’
    • ‘This instruction was only at elementary level, defined as being the 3Rs and practical subjects such as needlework and woodwork.’
    • ‘Young people spend 3-6 months learning skills such as woodwork and metal work, landscaping and general farming skills prior to graduation.’
    • ‘I used to knit a lot in school, because one of our classes was ‘handwork’ in which we'd learn such things, along with crocheting, woodwork and outdoor work.’
    • ‘Anther parallel to this is a plan mooted for young men, whereby they may learn woodwork and metalwork skills and thereby sustain themselves.’
    • ‘Such robust pieces of woodwork and skill didn't deserve such a lackluster fate.’
    • ‘In his early years, George would have been much sought after for his handiwork skills, particularly woodwork.’
    • ‘Miss Godfrey said: ‘Modern punches look exactly like the ancient ones and anyone who studied metalwork or woodwork at school would have used the same sort of punch.’’
    • ‘It also boasts of a youth skills centre where youths are taught skills like woodwork, sewing and hairdressing.’
    • ‘Crafts such as lace making, weaving and woodwork are still practised but today it is the tourist market which keeps them going.’
    • ‘They showed off their skills in many subjects like cooking, woodwork, crafts and computer and proved to be the best.’
    carpentry, joinery
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  • come out of the woodwork

    • (of an unpleasant person or thing) emerge from obscurity; be revealed.

      ‘would-be informants came crawling out of the woodwork’
      • ‘But I started dealing in them and found collectors just coming out of the woodwork.’
      • ‘Once you start looking at the pharmaceutical industry, once you start digging, then you realise that all sorts of bogeys start coming out of the woodwork.’
      • ‘But there's also a very interesting phenomenon occurring here, and that is as we continue to evacuate people out of the Superdome, we're finding more and more people coming out of the woodwork, so to speak.’
      • ‘So the new thinking - there's so many incredible doctors who are - western doctors, that's all I work with, who are coming out of the woodwork.’
      • ‘There will be plenty of people coming out of the woodwork to judge him morally, most of them with their own skeletons to hide and assuaging their guilt by taking the moral high tone on someone else's ‘mistake’.’
      • ‘All the villagers started coming out of the woodwork, telling us they needed help.’
      • ‘Since then, many groups have been coming out of the woodwork, demanding that the government pay their severances when their companies, folded their tents and left town in the middle of the night.’
      • ‘And another thing - you should have seen all the obscure relatives that came out of the woodwork for this funeral.’
      • ‘All sorts of people seem to be coming out of the woodwork and putting forward schemes now.’
      • ‘It's just one of those things, the more you do it, the more you get into it and the more you start talking, there's people out there that probably wouldn't do anything silly in their life, and suddenly they're coming out of the woodwork.’