Definition of woodgrain in English:



  • 1A pattern of fibres seen in a cut surface of wood.

    • ‘Whether based on chalk or gesso, the aim was to apply sufficient layers to fill the woodgrain and other imperfections.’
    • ‘He was rubbing his brow, contemplating the woodgrain on his coffee table and thinking, This can't be happening to me.’
    • ‘I believe furniture should have a modernist philosophy and be completely free of fake looks such as printed woodgrains.’
    • ‘Features include woodgrain double-glazed windows and doors throughout, mahogany internal doors and a mahogany staircase.’
    • ‘When they filmed the miniseries there the crew came in and painted faux woodgrain all over, and if you look you can definitely tell.’
    • ‘In-mold decoration using plastic film is slowly migrating from automotive interiors, where it is used to mimic woodgrains and metallic surfaces, to vehicle exteriors, where it is beginning to offer an alternative to paint.’
    1. 1.1as modifier Denoting a surface or finish imitating woodgrain.
      ‘the doors are available in woodgrain finish’
      • ‘The offerings are becoming more diversified among the metallic, geometric, woodgrain and organic patterns.’
      • ‘It is mainly seen in white but is also available in mahogany and cherry oak woodgrain styles.’
      • ‘Erythema gyratum repens, typically a paraneoplastic syndrome, is a dermatosis described as having a woodgrain appearance.’
      • ‘Inside, the instrument panel surfaces are low gloss, with attractive graining, chrome and woodgrain accents and soft-touch plastic or paint feel in most areas.’
      • ‘Then, using pen and ink, she covered the paper with marks that imitate a battered and worn woodgrain surface.’
      • ‘Typical examples would be box gutter adaptors and boss end covers which are required in a woodgrain finish.’
      • ‘Albert Partoll volunteered to edit the first issue, and in February 1951 an eighty-eight-page magazine with a woodgrain cover emerged.’
      • ‘Leather is standard fare, as is the woodgrain trim.’
      • ‘All the stereo speakers feature removable cloth grills and are finished in a black woodgrain finish.’
      • ‘As well as its sleek external styling, the car features a futuristic cockpit dash design with blue on black instrument backlighting and red needles as well as titanium and woodgrain look finishes.’
      • ‘Oversized wooden gallery benches made for the show are painted with exaggerated woodgrain patterns.’
      • ‘The knifed-on ellipses stand out in slight relief against multicolored grounds of poured and squeegeed paint that sometimes imitate woodgrain or moire patterns.’
      • ‘It's too easy to make woodgrain trim look overdone and tacky, but this company has got it nailed - figuratively speaking.’
      • ‘One collection features a rich, dark woodgrain finish, while another line emulates ‘the lighter burl colors featured in auto interiors,’ he noted.’
      • ‘The airman grabbed Ian by the jacket and shoved him against the back wall of the elevator and banged Ian's head against the imitation woodgrain panelling.’