Definition of woodcraft in English:



mass nounNorth American
  • 1Skill in woodwork.

    • ‘The trade and crafts stands were numerous and had displays varying from cosmetics to woodcraft and sign writing.’
    • ‘One of the boldest moves she has made is refusing to sell her woodcraft to private collectors, no matter how much they offer.’
    • ‘At our market we sell fresh breads, home baking, jams and marmalade, cheese, relished, apple juice, garden plants, beautiful woodcraft, handknitted craftwork, Christmas crafts and decorations.’
    • ‘Paintings, woodcraft, homemade jewellery, slate crafts will all be part of the art exhibition that opens in Abbeyleix Heritage House on Thursday night, November 27.’
    • ‘It was a tremendous success, with a stunning display of work produced by the current adult classes in the school including art, pottery, sculpture, stained glass, furniture, restored furniture, woodcraft and metalcraft.’
    • ‘At this market we will sell fresh breads, home baking, jams and marmalade, cheese, relishes, apple juice, honey, fresh vegetables, summer bedding plants, beautiful woodcraft and handknitted craftwork.’
    • ‘A craft course at the school will include art, stained glass, metalcraft, woodcraft and woodturning.’
    • ‘Bisnath, who is also known for his woodcraft, has a joinery shop at home, so making the stilts is no problem.’
    • ‘At this market we will sell fresh breads, home baking, jams and marmalade, farm fresh eggs, relishes, apple juice, honey, spring plants, beautiful paintings, woodcraft, and hand knitted craftwork.’
    • ‘Other top export earners for the month included clothing accessories, woodcraft and furniture, metal components, petroleum products, gold, coconut oil, and wiring used in automobiles, aircraft and ships.’
    • ‘The Foxford Christmas Craft Fair will feature items such as basket making, woodcraft, fabric crafts, jewellery, candles, pottery, festival food, and lots more too numerous to mention.’
    • ‘However, the masters of the technical aspects of woodcraft were not without their critics.’
    • ‘The prize has been developed by the town's Yarliyil Arts Centre to encourage more people - especially children - to learn the traditional skills of woodcraft.’
    • ‘For these two are no longer categories in an existential phenomenology of Attention or Tyrolean woodcraft but fully amortised within the evident detritus of the Second World War, constantly alluded to in The White Stones.’
    • ‘At this market we will sell fresh breads, home baking, jams, marmalade, farm fresh eggs, relishes, honey, plants, herbs, beautiful hand-knitted craftwork and woodcraft.’
    • ‘Among the skills indigenous to this region are the Dokhra craft, woodcraft, embroidered attire, and wrought iron craft.’
    • ‘To the degree that this new minimal-impact ethic made sense, however, it also reflected the erosion of the skills and anti-modern concerns embedded in woodcraft.’
    • ‘In pottery, woodcraft, and basketry, Amerindians produce for the domestic and foreign markets.’
    • ‘The inmates who are on the road to recovery, are given vocational training and encouraged taking up any hobby or activity, for which they have a natural flair for like painting, knitting, woodcraft, bamboo craft etc.’
    • ‘There will be wonderful displays of Christmas fare, home baking freshly baked breads, savoury dishes, vegetables, variety of crafts, toys, woodcraft, excellent cheese, plants and Christmas arrangements and much more.’
  • 2Knowledge of woodland, especially with reference to camping and other outdoor pursuits.

    • ‘The new hiking guides not only abandoned the skills of woodcraft, they also abandoned its masculine rhetoric, supplanting it with language and metaphors that appealed to women and men alike.’
    • ‘Proficiency in woodcraft required an intimate, hands-on knowledge of the woods.’
    • ‘The scout unit has been taking part in preparations for the skills and cooking drill and woodcraft.’
    • ‘Scout councils soon started establishing camps in the Adirondacks where their members could practice their woodcraft and camping skills.’
    • ‘Let's forget all the woodcraft, sneaking like an Indian (sorry, Native American) through the undergrowth without leaving a mark or making a sound.’
    • ‘For Leopold, in particular, wilderness recreation, in the tradition of woodcraft, promised to foster a self-sufficient, intimate knowledge of nature.’
    • ‘No longer did a working knowledge of nature anchor the wilderness recreation experience-the new literature aimed to replace woodcraft, which it dismissed as ‘old-style’ camping.’
    • ‘Indeed, it is the woodcraft literature's preoccupation with the frontier, masculinity, and modernity that all suggest a key place for woodcraft in the heritage of American wilderness thought.’
    • ‘In the libertarian realm of the wilderness, indeed, where skill in woodcraft and hunting determined one's rank rather than birth or wealth, the social authority of hunter and guide could be reversed.’
    • ‘Massaquoit's special knowledge of Indian culture and local woodcraft are crucial to solving the three mysteries.’
    • ‘That's too bad, because, unlike some of the other mythic heroes of the American West, Kit actually possessed the attributes and virtues of a hero: strength, skill in woodcraft, courage, daring, and modesty.’
    • ‘They had to know woodcraft and the types of forage to use.’
    • ‘Lighting a stove or pitching a storm-worthy tent required new skills, but these skills did not promote the same hands-on knowledge of nature celebrated in the woodcraft handbooks or the early Boy Scout manuals.’
    • ‘In this way, the anti-modern currents running through woodcraft served as a precursor to the broad critique of modernity that inspired the interwar years wilderness movement.’
    • ‘Gyric heard and remembered everything; his knowledge of woodcraft was very great.’
    • ‘Among early-twentieth-century outdoor recreationists, the rhetoric of woodcraft most closely figures the place of recreation in the early wilderness movement.’
    • ‘Although the War Department believed hunting could help increase knowledge of geography and improve woodcraft and marksmanship, its principal benefits to the enlisted men were more prosaic.’
    • ‘These debates laid the groundwork for the rise of a minimal-impact camping ethic in the 1970s that would displace woodcraft as the dominant wilderness recreation ethic.’
    • ‘As a field slave, she mastered the secrets of woodcraft and navigation - skills that ensured her success as a conductor for the Underground Railroad.’
    • ‘The transition from the heavy-handed practices of woodcraft to the light-handed techniques of Leave No Trace can be read as a logical response to the tremendous growth in wilderness recreation during the twentieth century.’