Definition of woodchip in English:



  • 1A chip of wood.

    • ‘But rather than high-value products such as furniture and feature flooring, the extra value extracted from East Gippsland's forests to date has been a very cheap product: woodchips.’
    • ‘I work in the Victoria hardwood timber industry - that means native forests and sawn timber, not woodchips.’
    • ‘As well as firewood, the Country Park is now introducing woodchips and mulch to their range of recycled wood produce.’
    • ‘The Ministry of Environment is concerned with wood residue such as bark, sawdust, shavings, woodchips and offcuts generated by sawmills.’
    • ‘As it happens, however, they are again discussing the purchase of woodchips from Arsenault's Sawmill.’
    • ‘You rightly say that woodchips have been their growth engine. That engine is now dead.’
    • ‘The $70 odd dollars per tonne received for woodchips or whole log exports is profitable because it involves minimal labour or processing, and is subject to much lower royalties than logs bound for milling.’
    • ‘We don't have a figure, do we, on woodchips being exported out of the state.’
    • ‘It will use sawdust, bark and woodchips together with forest thinnings to generate heat for the sawmill's timber-drying operations.’
    • ‘The rocker who forged his reputation by opposing everything from woodchips to American bases became an official member of the Australian Labor Party yesterday.’
    • ‘What is known is that Tasmania's woodchip exports are increasing, with woodchips from the tiny island estimated to represent more than 70 per cent of the total woodchip exports for Australia.’
    • ‘Scotland's forest industry has focused on producing low-value timber while business has been ignoring the energy potential of hitherto unsaleable parts of the tree or sawmill - by-products like sawdust and woodchips.’
    • ‘Over six weeks around 80 people were arrested trying to prevent more forests in the heart of this ancient icon from being ripped down for woodchips.’
    • ‘We have mulch, pavers, compost, stones, gravels, woodchips.’
    • ‘Each year in the tiny state of Tasmania, the company exports more than twice the volume of native-forest woodchips than all the rest of Australia combined - about 5.5 million tonnes.’
    • ‘Moreover, these plants are very flexible: Although coal is the most obvious fuel source, they could burn almost any organic material, including waste cornhusks and woodchips.’
    • ‘Tasmanian timbers are increasingly providing manufacturing opportunities in Asia as we continue to export record amounts of unprocessed or barely processed forest products, such as woodchips and whole logs.’
    • ‘Its estimated value as woodchips was $350 to $450.’
    • ‘Your readers may have noticed the massive tree massacre taking place along the railway embankment between the station and Collingwood Road; nearly all the trees have been cut down and turned into piles of woodchips.’
    • ‘Do not plant tomatoes near black walnut trees or use a mulch containing black walnut woodchips or bark.’
    1. 1.1British mass noun Wallpaper with woodchips embedded in it to give a grainy surface texture.
      • ‘I've also pulled away some loose woodchip, though most of it will be staying, as I'm certain the wall behind it is in a pretty grotty state.’
      • ‘Sick of stripping woodchip, the pair moved to Glasgow with its reputation as a cheap, artist-friendly place to live.’
      • ‘The builders removed the downstairs chimney breasts, which were cracked, crumbling, covered in woodchip wallpaper and filled with rubble.’
      • ‘The 180-year-old mill is set to close with the loss of 53 jobs after a fall in demand for its woodchip wallpaper.’
      • ‘It also came with built-in wardrobes - the louvred kind - stippled ceilings and woodchip wallpaper, which all seemed so smart and modern in 1978.’
      • ‘‘The whole place had been decorated in woodchip and painted avocado,’ he says.’
      • ‘I started taking off the polystyrene tiles on the hall ceiling only to discover that they had been glued directly onto woodchip wallpaper.’
      • ‘You either painted it or put woodchip paper everywhere.’
      wallpaper, wallcovering
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