Definition of wood engraving in English:

wood engraving


  • 1A print made from a finely detailed design cut into the end grain of a block of wood.

    Compare with woodcut
    • ‘To promote that part of his business, he had a nice billhead with a wood engraving illustrating a bench plane, an axe head, and a hatchet.’
    • ‘I'm not sure if it's really a wood engraving, but it's an expert depiction of choppy waves and Noah's Ark sailing astride the vast and huge ocean.’
    • ‘This exercise in sentimental reportage, which had previously appeared as a wood engraving in the Graphic, briefly established Fildes as the leading social realist painter in England.’
    • ‘As this article was illustrated by a large wood engraving after a second reproductive print by Aristide Louis, the reference was made abundantly clear.’
    • ‘A wood engraving differs from a woodblock in that it uses the cross-grain of a block while the woodblock uses the plank-side.’
    • ‘The mental images of torture are cemented by pictures showing its use, with a wood engraving depicting ‘La torta del cavaletto’ (the torture of the rack) being particularly memorable.’
    • ‘The article focused on one wood engraving in particular, Church Supper, for which Emma supplied three female poses in a group portrait.’
    • ‘This gives a rare look at details of the production of mathematical drawings (at this time, mostly wood engraving on the endgrain of boxwood) in the nineteenth century.’
    • ‘Homer's process for creating a wood engraving began, of course, with studies made on site.’
    • ‘Only a handful of people seem to use it in the artistic context, like Pam Clocksin, for example, and the wood engraving of Cicely Englefield.’
    1. 1.1mass noun The technique of making wood engravings.
      • ‘The remaining parts of the surface could be removed by etching, so that the method resembled that of wood engraving.’
      • ‘In part one of this article the basic printmaking techniques relief printing and intaglio printing were discussed and the relief techniques woodcut, wood engraving and linocut were introduced.’
      • ‘In 1881-5 he studied wood engraving at Lambeth School of Art, where in 1882 he met Charles Ricketts, who became his lifelong companion.’
      • ‘The main techniques are the woodcut, wood engraving, and linocut, while the less important techniques of metal cut, manière criblée, and relief etching are printed similarly.’
      • ‘Although a latecomer to the inter-war revival of wood engraving, Reynolds Stone, whose work displayed humane and romantic tendencies, was also someone the printing world had been waiting for.’
      • ‘Of German, and some Irish, descent, Bensemann embraced his European heritage, learning to speak German and, with Dürer in mind, immersing himself in the quintessentially Northern European craft of wood engraving.’
      • ‘Regarded as the father of modern wood engraving, Bewick halted the decline of engraving into a primarily reproductive technique and brought to it new expressive possibilities.’
      • ‘The 1920s saw the foundation of the Golden Cockerel Press, the Gregynog Press, and the Nonesuch Press, and a considerable revival of interest in the art of wood engraving.’
      • ‘London in 1872, for instance, had 128 wood engraving firms listed in its business directory.’
      • ‘The school offered classes on lithography, etching, drypoint, mezzotint and wood engraving until the Groat Depression forced it to close its doors after only a year.’
      • ‘When asked he will enthuse about wood engraving, Hammond organs and black and white photography.’
      • ‘It proved to be a fertile period for Kent, who concentrated on wood engraving - a medium in which he would later become justifiably famous.’
      • ‘A transitional figure between the arts and crafts ethos and the early studio movement was Wharton Esherick, who was trained as a painter and turned to woodworking via wood engraving in the 1920s.’
      • ‘For example, the Relief Printing chapter deals with cutting tools, lino cuts, wood cuts, wood engraving and cardboard prints.’
      • ‘Nicole first studied illustrative arts at the City and Guilds Art School, where she developed a keen interest in wood engraving and natural history illustration.’
      • ‘Bewick rediscovered the technique of wood engraving which he went on to establish as a major book illustrating technique but Hutton's book was his first assignment.’
      • ‘For a description of the technical process of wood engraving, please refer to printmaking and for a description how a traditional Japanese woodblock print is made, to Japanese prints.’
      • ‘In the mid-19th century, wood engraving was the standard of reproducing illustrations in magazines and books.’
      • ‘The exhibition embraces all the printmaking mediums, including Lithographs, wood cuts, wood engraving, etching, silkscreen, digital and mixed media.’
      • ‘The book brings together Penny Dreadfuls, wood engraving and the early years of the novel, as well as background information on printing technology.’