Definition of wood anemone in English:

wood anemone


  • A spring-flowering Eurasian anemone with pink-tinged white flowers, growing in woodland and shady places.

    Anemone nemorosa, family Ranunculaceae

    • ‘Local wildlife like the song thrush and bats, and woodland plants like bluebells and wood anemones prefer areas with a mix of trees of all ages, and where there are open sunny glades.’
    • ‘The woodland areas are dominated by ash, oak, birch and hazel with an interesting ground flora including dog's mercury, wood anemone and moschatel.’
    • ‘The wood anemone, Anemone nemorosa, is not so widely available as the low-growing, daisy-like Anemone blanda which is frequently offered in blue, pink, white and color mixtures.’
    • ‘The forest has not been cut for 300 years, and I found myself surrounded by ground flora such as Solomon's seal, lily of the valley, yellow wood anemone, toothwort, asarabacca, herb paris and hepatica.’
    • ‘Bulbs, corms and tubers: bluebell (hyacinthoides non-scripta), wood anemone, lily of the valley, the yellow flag iris, would all have been familiar to Robert Burns - or Bruce.’
    • ‘Across the sward (rife with sandroses, wood anemones and wild cyclamen) a hare, its scut uplifted in alarm, scampers from the running crouch of a greyhound.’
    • ‘Just lay back against a tree among the wood anemones and the bluebells (some out already), with the roar of the cascading water, the antics of a dipper and the calm cruising of a grey heron.’
    • ‘The bank was specked with wood anemones in a band of spaced-out scrub.’
    • ‘The daffodils seem to have gone over very quickly whilst spring bulbs like bluebells and wood anemones are rushing into flower.’
    • ‘If it weren't for primroses, wood anemones and honeysuckle it could have been a time warp.’
    • ‘There's the blue and white of bluebells and wood anemones, celandines and sedges, orchids, and especially good ferns.’
    • ‘You continue through the woods, carpeted here with delicate white wood anemones, and emerge back at the lake shore by the jetties.’
    • ‘Though for me the prettiest picture was the short white climb through wood anemones that brought us out of the valley and set us up for pastures where lambs posed on tree trunks and gambolled on grassy knolls to a backdrop of Helmsley Castle.’
    • ‘Spring flowers - celandines, primroses, violets, wood anemones - were followed by pyramid and early purple orchids, wild thyme and rockrose.’
    • ‘Spring flowers which can be spotted in the wood at this time of year include the yellow celandine, marsh marigold and wood anemone (also known as wind flower).’
    • ‘The stones would never unfold like wood anemones.’
    • ‘I followed the road towards Whalley and looked down to the left where flowers such as wood anemone, primrose, wild garlic and bluebell thrive.’
    • ‘We found some, but not the great swathes that we had hoped for, although we were rewarded by plenty of patches of bluebells, drifts of wood anemones, a glade with masses of milkmaids and lots of primroses, cowslips and violas and bugle.’