Definition of woo in English:



  • 1Try to gain the love of (a woman), especially with a view to marriage.

    ‘he wooed her with quotes from Shakespeare’
    • ‘A dozen red roses will be a popular choice among men wanting to woo the woman in their life.’
    • ‘He wooed Frances Leonard with adoring love letters, which he continued to write until the end of his life.’
    • ‘For a brief period, Arthur had been willing to allot $5 of his earnings per month to pleasure activities in the hope of wooing a lady.’
    • ‘In a mixture of English and French Harry woos Catherine, assuring her that he loves France so well that he means to keep it, and on her concession that she will marry him if her father agrees he kisses her, much to her shock.’
    • ‘The research shows that the best mimics with the broadest repertoire were most successful at wooing the females.’
    • ‘Isn't it terrific to see someone from the area doing so well and obviously wooing the ladies along the way!’
    • ‘Morris says he has always loved and been interested in women, but just wishes he had had a copy of this book when he was a young man wooing the women of Swindon.’
    • ‘There have been reports of dozens of roses, love letters and chocolates wooing the female of the species.’
    • ‘Not only that, but Christian wasn't exactly a romantic, nor did he have any experience of wooing a woman.’
    • ‘It is in front of Hortensio's house that Petruchio finds his friend and is persuaded to woo Kate.’
    • ‘Lucentio, Hortensio, and Gremio are all in love with her and go to desperate measures to woo her.’
    • ‘He would have wooed her, loved her and married her.’
    • ‘You are a man who knows how to woo a woman with sweet nothings, ply her with charm.’
    • ‘So, in his early days, did he ever try to woo women into bed with verse?’
    • ‘In the romantic comedy, Smith plays a New York date doctor who helps men woo the women of their dreams.’
    • ‘Having befriended the monstrous Lelio, she agrees to rescue him from the marital clutches of a middle-aged countess by wooing the lady herself.’
    • ‘A sound mind woos a woman much more than a flashy car would.’
    • ‘Not wanting to break their cover they took turns to woo the unwitting woman.’
    • ‘Nigel started writing poems 18 months ago, when he was trying to woo a woman, and realised he had uncovered a hidden talent.’
    • ‘I knew that I would need to tame her, woo her, gain her trust as if she was a gentle doe.’
    court, pay court to, pursue, chase, chase after, run after
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    1. 1.1 Seek the favour, support, or custom of.
      ‘pop stars are being wooed by film companies eager to sign them up’
      • ‘Afternoon tea, for example, at the legendary Reid's Palace Hotel is just one of a range of charming social customs that woos tourists.’
      • ‘Nurochman denied the meeting was part of a strategy for the pair to woo Golkar support.’
      • ‘And fellow band member Sarah Harding said one glittering star tried to woo all five members of the band.’
      • ‘Banks too are not to be left behind in wooing the hesitant customer.’
      • ‘Any presidential candidate has had to woo support from the northern and eastern industrial cities.’
      • ‘The actress made her first political appearance, smiling endlessly and used her star appeal to woo the voters.’
      • ‘What does it take to woo the 40-something customer back into your store?’
      • ‘The colourful exhibition with the price tag woos customers of all classes.’
      • ‘Even they though are underplayed these days, as hockey seeks to woo that elusive grail - the family audience.’
      • ‘But having written best sellers and got to the top of the best seller lists obviously your income has jumped hugely and you're also being wooed by American film producers.’
      • ‘A new store woos American furniture buyers with Italian design for every room of the house.’
      • ‘Political parties have roped in Bollywood stars only to woo the young.’
      • ‘He sought to use his own devout Catholicism to woo back the lost voters, but with little success.’
      • ‘It's clear Howard is seeking to woo the Catholic constituency this year.’
      • ‘With young families to support, the founders concentrated on wooing those deep-pocketed companies.’
      • ‘On Ashoka Road for instance, Rama along with her grandson Kunwar Pal, can be seen wooing customers from under a tree.’
      • ‘The move is apparently aimed at wooing the support of residents in the region prior to next April's general elections.’
      • ‘The Government of Dubai has also come out with attractive brochures and leaflets to woo shoppers and tourists.’
      • ‘But he was courted and wooed by Israel's top officials, including Moshe Dayan himself, to return and help promote the sport in Israel.’
      • ‘Wiranto denied that his visit was a move to woo support from Hamengkubuwono and Golkar constituents in the province.’
      seek the support of, seek the favour of, try to win, try to attract, try to cultivate, chase, pursue, try to ingratiate oneself with, curry favour with
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Late Old English wōgian (intransitive), āwōgian (transitive), of unknown origin.