Definition of wonkiness in English:



  • See wonky

    • ‘There's a story, of course there's a story, but continued wonkiness on the server had me shut out again this morning, so enjoy the pic and I'll get settled down to write here in a bit.’
    • ‘I think it was at this point that I decided to love my wonkiness.’
    • ‘Again, I apologize for all the wonkiness with the Carnival.’
    • ‘As ever, no claims are made regarding quality - you'll find copious evidence of blurring, obscuring, poor framing and general wonkiness here, if you're paying attention.’
    • ‘Burrowed within deviant squalls of noise and aural wonkiness, No Hands is actually plying some supremely tight little pop tunes.’
    • ‘It's pretty fun viewing, with an additional layer of wonkiness enhancing the film due to the fact that all the dialogue is looped (dubbed over the soundtrack after production).’