Definition of wonguim in English:



  • A boomerang of a type which returns to its thrower.

    ‘we had many opportunities of seeing the wonguim thrown by native experts’
    • ‘Murder is punished by the whole of a tribe throwing a spear and a wonguim at the murderer.’
    • ‘The Yarra blacks, now unhappily wiped out by you gentle white people, used the Wongium for killing birds.’
    • ‘Spiraling like an enchanted thing, the wongium flashed toward us with such speed that I yelled "Look out!" and threw myself flat to avoid a beaning.’
    • ‘The Indian weapon under no circumstances whatever could be made to behave as the wonguim does.’
    • ‘A well-made Wonguim, in the hands of one who can use it, returns always to the place, or very nearly to the place, to which the thrower intended it to return.’


Early 19th century: from Wathawurung and Wuywurung (Aboriginal languages) wanggim.