Definition of woman of letters in English:

woman of letters


  • A female scholar or author.

    • ‘They were literally men and women of letters and the group was tied together, not only by their emotional connections and daily conversations, but also by the writing of journals and letters.’
    • ‘Already a famous woman of letters who had written A Treatise on the Influence of the Passions on the Happiness of Individuals and Nations, she became his companion for twelve years.’
    • ‘The Académie Goncourt, founded under the will of Edmond de Goncourt, is a body of ten men or women of letters which awards an annual money prize for imaginative prose.’
    • ‘You are obviously a woman of letters, but do you know anything about a car's engine?’
    • ‘Based on the model of Susanna Haswell Rowson, a predecessor of Hentz's as an American woman of letters, the play was entitled De Lara; or, the Moorish Bride: A Tragedy in Five Acts.’
    • ‘‘The literary’ in turn signifies not high modernist art, but rather the ‘writing practices’ of women of letters at the turn of the twentieth century.’
    • ‘The rebellion was, as all biographers agree, necessary that the woman of letters might emerge.’
    • ‘Fuller was America's first public intellectual woman of letters.’
    • ‘She was determined to remake herself as a woman of letters.’
    • ‘And just as we have noted that Weelkes's text authors were men or women of letters, it is now evident that Weelkes himself was as well.’
    • ‘It's difficult to tell, but perhaps we could have expected a woman of letters, whose name adorns the cover of the 1997 novel Swan, to grasp the Shavian reference.’
    • ‘Is it then just women of letters, and of a certain income, like Enright and Cusk, who have the luxury of such a complex reaction to motherhood?’