Definition of wobbler in English:



  • 1A person or thing that wobbles.

    • ‘Even if Ponnuru is misinformed, with the nomination of a Supreme Court Justice looming, several of the wobblers almost surely will eventually bite the bullet and support their party.’
    • ‘The babies, toddlers and wobblers of the Ballon / Rathoe Community Play-school were treated to a visit from the Easter Bunny last week.’
    • ‘Our boys are not swayed by the pacifists and wobblers.’
    • ‘The community playschool and Montessori School has gone from strength to strength over the years and now has 120 children on their books from babies, to wobblers, toddlers, playschool, Montessori and after-school children.’
    • ‘All Parents, their babies, their wobblers and their toddlers are more than welcome.’
    • ‘There are also 6 National MPs who are undecided - not including wobblers like Lockwood Smith and Georgina te Heuheu.’
    • ‘The evidence for this has already convinced one of the cabinet's wobblers.’
    1. 1.1 (in angling) a lure that wobbles and does not spin.
      • ‘We fished with wobblers, flies and spoons but the best colour, we were advised, was the white toby, with an ideal weight of between 8-12g.’
  • 2

    ‘Mum threw a wobbler’
    another term for wobbly
    • ‘Throwing a wobbler and bolting for the surface is not the correct way to end a dive.’
    • ‘It throws the odd wobbler, going nuts for no apparent reason and throwing everything out the window.’
    • ‘A quarter of schoolchildren throw a wobbler every day.’
    • ‘Which is often, in our experience, where Theo throws a wobbler.’
    • ‘‘Gerard got into one of his usual panics,’ he said, ‘threw a complete wobbler and managed to upset her in the process.’’