Definition of wittingly in English:



  • See witting

    ‘everyone, wittingly or otherwise, will become involved’
    • ‘But I strongly suspect that if anyone has been ‘duped’ here, it's this man - who, wittingly or unwittingly, has become a pawn in the Army's propaganda machine.’
    • ‘A sophisticated person need not behave like a madari and, wittingly or unwittingly, distort his public image in today's highly unethical and competitive politics.’
    • ‘In this play, Oscar Wilde wittingly expresses his view of the traditional institution of marriage and tests a young couple's fidelity.’
    • ‘There may be a present day parallel in the way the traditional media has, wittingly or not, marginalised certain ways of thinking and forced us to seize the means of publication ourselves to give expression to our views.’
    • ‘He pulls back the curtain to reveal a magnificent charade in which everyone is wittingly or unwittingly complicit in the world's most extended re-enactment.’
    • ‘Any good agency would have sufficient checks in place to ensure they don't place, either wittingly or unwittingly, someone not qualified to do the job.’
    • ‘Indian photographers of my generation have wittingly or unwittingly been influenced by a distinctly Western view of India.’
    • ‘They know full well that many in Britain's elite are only too willing - wittingly or otherwise - to respond positively to their demands.’
    • ‘Which is why I also believe that Tommy Sheridan and his Scottish Socialist Party are either wittingly or unwittingly dividing the independence vote, thereby making independence so much more difficult to achieve.’
    • ‘When they represent their countries they become wittingly, if regrettably, icons of patriotism.’