Definition of within limits in English:

within limits


  • Moderately; up to a point.

    ‘airlines used to be able, within limits, to land or take off more or less when they pleased’
    • ‘So a textualist could, in principle and within limits, allow both a politically liberal and a politically conservative reading of the Constitution's text.’
    • ‘What counts in analogical comparison is, within limits, inherently contestable.’
    • ‘Most of the adults on these campuses agree that human beings are sinners, prone to make mistakes, and, within limits, it's the job of the college to help set them on the right course, rather than simply kick them out.’
    • ‘Further, he was prepared to acknowledge and within limits even to tolerate the fact that the influence of Marxism itself had been thoroughly undermined, especially among the young.’
    • ‘Because this year at least one music company will be releasing CDs that positively invite copying - within limits.’
    • ‘The reason farming needs protection is also the reason we can, within limits, have the sort of farming we want: our post-agricultural economy makes us rich enough to afford it.’
    • ‘This is about allowing people their personal choice, within limits.’
    • ‘My first boss, Roger, reckoned that the key to world progress and prosperity lay in an informed and, within limits, tolerant appreciation of cultural differences.’
    • ‘This is the game that teachers train their students to play: think without limits, practice within limits.’
    • ‘I was also allowed, within limits, to photograph some of the items, careful not to disturb the integrity of the still unprotected diaries, photos and notebooks.’
    comparatively, in comparison, by comparison, proportionately
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