Definition of witheringly in English:



  • See withering

    • ‘Her father was the novelist James Kennaway, she had been to private school, and you heard it in her voice. One man witheringly dismissed her as ‘too posh to rock’.’
    • ‘She speaks witheringly of ‘the self-righteous idiot’.’
    • ‘For some reason my taking notes on a laptop bothered him a lot more than all my classmates taking notes in their reporters' notebooks, and when I asked a question he instead witheringly told me to put the laptop away.’
    • ‘A points deduction, meanwhile, is an unlikely outcome, although Wenger reacted witheringly to the possibility.’
    • ‘Roger Simon says, witheringly, ‘All in all, this is not an article, more of a place holder, with very little real digging done.’’
    • ‘Everyone looked at her witheringly.’
    • ‘‘People resent the fact that the most moral decision in their lives is choosing what colour the next car will be,’ he says witheringly.’
    • ‘‘What they are doing is robbing women of five years pension,’ he says witheringly.’
    • ‘Francoise recalled: ‘Dora looked over at me briefly and witheringly.’’
    • ‘The report was witheringly dismissed as ‘simplistic and misguided’.’