Definition of with all one's might in English:

with all one's might


  • Using all one's power or strength.

    ‘he clung on with all his might’
    ‘she had been playing a part with all her might’
    • ‘The important thing is not to focus on one, but get as much experience in as many places as one can, pumping your creative handle with all your might until the required juice finally appears.’
    • ‘As the stranger pretending be Frankie's father, he is so soft-spoken, laid-back and self-effacing that you wish with all your might that he would stay and be Frankie's father forever.’
    • ‘The drug companies for their part are mounting a blocking action with all their might.’
    • ‘I ripped with all my might, but after a moment, all my strength was gone and I blacked out again.’
    • ‘After embarrassing attempts at kicking with all my might, I was rescued by one of the super-experienced instructors.’
    • ‘We have fought with all our might to find an alternative option, which is why today's announcement is so disappointing now.’
    • ‘Eventually a wave washed up the beach, and as it rolled over her she gathered her strength and wriggled with all her might.’
    • ‘With her last ounce of strength, she pushed at her assassin with all her might.’
    • ‘You really have to fight the stereotyping with all your might.’
    • ‘Though many today people loathe cubicles with all their might, Propst's invention was intended to reduce the anonymity of the workplace.’