Definition of wintry in English:


(also wintery)


  • Characteristic of winter, especially in feeling or looking very cold and bleak.

    ‘a wintry landscape’
    • ‘The entire composition is unified by an extensive, wintry landscape containing distant narrative details.’
    • ‘To the north and northwest, the sky looks cold and wintry, the clouds like ice cubes.’
    • ‘His eyes told of unspoken words, his radiant smile warmed my heart like a ray of sunshine on cold wintry day.’
    • ‘Admittedly we hesitate on cold, wintry mornings when needles of rain spike the bedroom window.’
    • ‘It was one of those cold wintry days of the month of January that sent chills of frost through the air.’
    • ‘It is a bleak wintry scene as an SUV makes its way down an unpaved road to a rural village.’
    • ‘Vermeer's paintings come to life in the dappled light of wintry landscapes and the dusty darkness of candlelit interiors.’
    • ‘Sheep brave the wintry weather at Hawes in Wensleydale during the cold snap which has hit the region’
    • ‘The sun was shining outside, but it didn't change the wintery cold that stuck to the windows and tried to enter the warm room.’
    • ‘Not least, the frosty fog that lies over the valley floor adds a cold, wintery veil.’
    • ‘Sitting here in cold, wet wintry London has got me thinking of the great year I spent in Australia.’
    • ‘The restaurant and bars also traded in Euros with hot whiskeys the order of the day, staving off the chill wintry winds.’
    • ‘On camera she seems angular and frosty, a wintry weather vane, but in real life much softer.’
    • ‘His adrenaline did not the let the cold wintry night chill his bones, he felt as warm as could be.’
    • ‘We see all four girls training for the sprint relay on a bitterly cold wintry day, with constant rain lashing the track.’
    • ‘In the wintry rain, it feels bleak, but today it was bathed in summer light and it felt like a really good place to be.’
    • ‘Runners encountered wintry and snowy conditions on the summit although it was mild and calm in Kirkby Stephen.’
    • ‘On a bleak wintry day, how we could improve our lot if we could just adjust the colour and brightness of the world that swirls around us.’
    • ‘Even though we are experiencing cold, wintry weather, the prospects of a white Christmas do not seem to be high.’
    • ‘During this cold wintry spell maybe they might need some help with shopping or suchlike.’
    unfriendly, cool, chilly, cold, frosty, frigid, glacial, bleak, distant, remote
    bleak, cold, chilly, frosty, freezing, icy, snowy, icy-cold, arctic, glacial, frigid, bitter, biting, piercing, sharp, raw
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Old English wintrig (see winter, -y).