Definition of winged in English:



  • 1Having wings for flight.

    ‘the earliest winged insects’
    • ‘It was hardly the stuff of Johnny Wilkinson - much more the flight of a winged pheasant, but they all count!’
    • ‘For my thought does not impose any necessity on things; and just as I may imagine a winged horse even though no horse has wings, so I may be able to attach existence to God even though no God exists.’
    • ‘Soybean aphids are becoming more active, winged adults are being found with all stages of development on the infested leaves, so the stage is set for active development.’
    • ‘Those winged seeds store enough energy to take root in a thick layer of partially decomposed leaves.’
    • ‘They saw winged figures take flight before them.’
    • ‘In the space of an hour, an astonishing 40,000 of the winged bloodsuckers will land on an unprotected arm, putting the average juicy hillwalker in line to receive a potential 11 bites a second.’
    • ‘The winged males and females have a very ungainly flight that does not take them very far.’
    • ‘The Bharatpur Bird Sanctuary in Rajasthan is also another place where these winged visitors arrive in large numbers.’
    • ‘The Helios Prototype set a world altitude record for winged aircraft, 96,863 feet, during a flight in August 2001.’
    • ‘After a spring feeding, the winged aphids move to a second host plant.’
    • ‘I remember this from childhood - great clouds of oversized winged insects, swarming up from the pavement cracks and the nooks and crannies in walls.’
    • ‘Now a report says the winged, feathered creature had a brain built for flight.’
    • ‘When the mayflies emerge from the water as winged adults, they're called ‘duns.’’
    • ‘The pair provided a steady supply of food, mostly winged insects - bees, dragonflies and wasps - to their young and presented many photo opportunities.’
    • ‘It proved the operational concept of a winged, reusable spaceship by successfully completing the Orbital Flight Test Program.’
    • ‘With the coming of summer and the arrival of our winged visitors, such as the cuckoo and the swallow, our thoughts often wander to the superstitions associated with birds of almost every kind.’
    • ‘From overhead, a tingling sensation on the top of his head was quickly followed by the rustling sounds of thousands of winged rodents preparing to launch into flight.’
    • ‘Non-winged and winged adults are usually shiny black while the smaller nymphs may appear to be a dull gray to black.’
    • ‘There was a brightly colored winged insect perched on a stalk of tall grass.’
    • ‘But an end to the dive-bombing urban seagull could be in sight after the Scottish Executive decided to spend £10,000 researching a solution to the winged menace.’
    • ‘The memorial features a striking bronze winged figure of Daedalus, the ingenious craftsman of Greek legend who created wings to escape King Minos of Crete, but whose son Icarus died when he flew to close to the sun.’
  • 2Having one or more lateral parts, appendages, or projections.

    ‘her winged spectacles’
    • ‘Above the guardrail is a throne, winged and gothic looking with its clawed feet and wide, bat-wing like back with spindly, spiderlike legs framing the small figure sitting inside it.’
    • ‘Kaedin, Gruro, and Shuae had avoided the blast, and got up quickly to realize that the great winged lizard had destroyed the remaining beasts as well as most of the town.’
    • ‘She leaned the broom against the wall and began wiping down the picture frames and the wood on the two winged back chairs that sat in the room.’
    • ‘And don't forget that winged Bentley badge, which surely justifies half the price at least.’
    • ‘Beckham could be found sometimes on the other wing to beg the question as to whether that winged cross on the back of his neck contained a magnet which Austrian boss Hans Krankl was manipulating to drag the England leader out of position.’
    • ‘They require 700 costumes, some winged wonders more than 20 feet high.’
    • ‘That they also sport flamboyant blooms is a bonus - their winged flowers flaunt themselves atop three to five foot plants.’
    • ‘She is winged, and her feathers, mane and tail are all colors.’
    • ‘It seemed like the only living creatures who knew about it were myself and the birds that spied on me from the trees above like a bunch of tiny, winged Shelbys.’