Definition of winemaking in English:



mass noun
  • The production of wine.

    ‘winemaking regions’
    • ‘Just as the Vatican is the center of Catholicism, Australia has become the center of the religion of high-tech winemaking.’
    • ‘I think we have missed an opportunity here to capture the exciting allure - a little mystery perhaps - of winemaking and wine taking.’
    • ‘Kurni is a majestic, powerful wine most decidedly in the modern camp of Italian winemaking.’
    • ‘The growth of these regions, which are not tied to tradition, has fueled huge advances in the technology and philosophy of winemaking.’
    • ‘In winemaking, you have to live with your mistakes for years.’
    • ‘The style of winemaking is a perfect expression of the coolish climate and alluvial soils of the Wairarapa.’
    • ‘The style of winemaking is very much in the big and bold French Bordeaux type.’
    • ‘Apart from climate and pest control, English wine is greatly hampered by dodgy winemaking, with oxidation and overdosing with sulphur still common faults.’
    • ‘This has kept his palate firmly in touch with the European style of winemaking.’
    • ‘Those that succeed will be the ones that pursue quality winemaking, have easy access to capital, or have a loyal customer following.’
    • ‘While these may seem like the basic rules in fine winemaking to you and me, they border on lunacy in the case-driven world of wine sales.’
    • ‘People who love the grape as much as he does, or who would probably claim that they love it more, say that Rolland has sold out the ideals that have defined the millennial art of winemaking.’
    • ‘Dirty winemaking still exists of course and over the years experience has taught me that filthy cellars produce filthy wine.’
    • ‘Australian winemakers take on the latest scientific techniques to advance winemaking into the 21st century.’
    • ‘Distilling, like brewing and winemaking, became a family business over the years as monks passed on their knowledge to the peasants.’
    • ‘With the influx of the Greeks on the Black Sea coast around 500 CE, winemaking progressed and the wine trade increased.’
    • ‘Our climate isn't insuperable, but it makes winemaking difficult in most vintages.’
    • ‘Home winemaking is something of a family tradition.’
    • ‘It's also important to realize that the leading producers of each style are equally dedicated and passionate about winemaking.’
    • ‘At Churton, winemaking is focused exclusively on Sauvignon Blanc and Pinot Noir.’