Definition of wine cellar in English:

wine cellar


  • 1A cellar in which wine is stored.

    • ‘The development will have a variety of facilities including shops, restaurants, a gym, pool, spa, game room, a wine cellar with private lockers and a library.’
    • ‘Set in what looks like a vast wine cellar, the walls and ceilings of the main room are exposed brick, as is the private back room space that holds up to 140 people.’
    • ‘Spread over three floors, the house, near Esher, has a study with a bespoke Linley desk, a television room, a billiards room, a vast drawing room, an oak-panelled dining room, a kitchen with two American Sub-Zero fridges and a wine cellar.’
    • ‘If a wine cellar has a window in it, I want to know what kind of light it is getting and what kind of heat loads the window is carrying.’
    • ‘The excavators are unsure what it is, with several suggestions of cold store, wine cellar, privy and wellhead.’
    • ‘In addition, there is a wine cellar, shelved pantry and guest shower room.’
    • ‘On this level there is a wine cellar, toilet, cloakroom and coal store as well as additional storage space.’
    • ‘François, please head down to the wine cellar and bring back the 1999 Catena Alta Cabernet Sauvignon from Argentina.’
    • ‘If you don't have a wine cellar, the best place to store your wines is the coolest, darkest and least dry closet in your house.’
    • ‘The second largest room of his funerary complex, just a tad smaller than his actual burial chamber, was a wine cellar.’
    • ‘François, run down to the wine cellar and bring back that 1997 Napa Valley Merlot we were sampling earlier.’
    • ‘I get it delivered, but I don't have a proper wine cellar.’
    • ‘Inside, £1.5m has been spent on new oak floors, a large wine cellar, a pool and a gym.’
    • ‘French sommelier David Biraud, 29, looks through wines bottles in the massive wine cellar at the Hotel de Crillon in Paris on Friday.’
    • ‘It has running water, electric light and power, a gramophone that plays and real vintage wine in the bottles in the wine cellar.’
    • ‘At garden level there are guest bedrooms, a games room, library/office, wine cellar, toilet and stores.’
    • ‘It had big spooky cellars, one of which used to be a wine cellar, but by then lay empty, and another that once would have been the kitchen.’
    • ‘The cavernous space includes a library, a vast wine cellar, a cigar lounge, and a nightclub - a playground in short for the beautiful people for whom money's no hindrance.’
    • ‘The ground floor accommodation is completed by a spacious utility area, a walk-in wine cellar and another guest cloakroom.’
    • ‘At the restaurant we make the base spices in our wine cellar and then heat the mixture by steaming it with our cappuccino machine.’
    1. 1.1A stock of wine.
      ‘this restaurant has a magnificent wine cellar, with over 3000 bottles’
      • ‘‘We take a wine cellar on the road,’ she explains, ‘but we never indulge till after the show.’
      • ‘Other features include a picturesque beer-garden and an in-house wine cellar, with over 150, mostly Austrian, wines which the guests are encouraged to taste.’
      • ‘I liked her a lot, but he kept breaking off to talk about his wine cellar and his champagne collection.’
      • ‘Like how small the windows were and where in such a tiny fuselage they found space for such an extraordinarily well stocked wine cellar.’
      • ‘An award-winning wine cellar boasts over 400 vintage wines, from which they can choose a bottle for dinner.’
      • ‘Concorde has its own wine cellar and as well as offering 1986 vintage Krug, there was claret, as well as a red and white Burgundy.’
      • ‘With success came the lifestyle: flash cars, houses, travel, stress, large lunches, a fantastic wine cellar and a stomach the size of a large hill.’
      • ‘Alternatively, it is possible to slowly stock your own wine cellar by investing in a case or two every month.’
      • ‘Youri Djorkaeff might have won the man-of-the-match champagne for his performance against Sunderland in midweek, but he has insisted he hasn't come to England merely to add to his wine cellar.’
      • ‘The pleasure of having you here on a regular basis puts, how shall I say, " pressure’ on my wine cellar.’
      • ‘‘All very well if your man has a lavish wine cellar.’’
      • ‘Susan has even called on a colleague, Marcus, who has access to a university wine cellar and arrives bearing bottles worth up to £100 a bottle.’
      • ‘A personalised and guided holiday in Africa, Guatemala or Brazil can cost £30,000 per person and a good wine cellar can set you back £100,000.’
      • ‘Unlike an aspirational Aston Martin or a mythical Parisian apartment just off Boulevard Saint Michel, a wine cellar can be acquired piece by piece and developed at a pace to suit your budget.’
      • ‘Even the mighty Brian Boru had a rank insecurity, although his palace at Kincora was magnificent and his wine cellar unequalled.’
      • ‘For the last month I was faced with the realities of actually moving my wine cellar.’
      • ‘It's now known that Hussein maintained a top-shelf selection of liquor and a six-figure wine cellar, even while denying so much as a sip to his soldiers.’
      • ‘I wouldn't say I've got a vast wine cellar at home, but I'm never short of a bottle.’


wine cellar