Definition of wine, women, and song in English:

wine, women, and song


  • The hedonistic life of drinking, sexual pleasure, and carefree entertainment proverbially required by men.

    • ‘Whereas the fundamentalists see that place and time as a puritan paradise of sober sharia observance, Meddeb sees it, admittedly at a slightly later date, as a venue for wine, women, and song.’
    • ‘But I'm lucky enough to have my sixty-two year old father still coaching me, advising me on the finer points of work, money, travel, fishing, wine, women, and song.’
    • ‘Against this backdrop, he places Salt Chunk Mary from Pocatello Junction, Idaho, whose ‘principal business was selling wine, women, and song to the railroad men and gamblers.’’
    • ‘In Islam, heaven is a paradise of wine, women, and song.’
    • ‘I'd say you've earned some wine, women, and song, wouldn't you?’
    • ‘Worse yet, he did not spend time doing stereotypically masculine activities like spending Friday nights out with the boys with their wine, women, and song because he was much too busy working two jobs at the same time.’
    • ‘He went on to sing, ‘I have tried wine, women, and song.’’
    • ‘Spring Break is widely considered a time of excess, as many students and others plan vacations to sunny beachfront locations, and go to parties filled with wine, women, and song.’