Definition of windproof in English:



  • (of a garment or fabric) giving protection from the wind.

    • ‘You don't even need heavy woolens, as in Gulmarg you'll be able to hire snowboots, mufflers, woollen socks, windproof jackets and caps.’
    • ‘It was early October and the sun was warm, so we decided on light polypro underlayers and windproof jackets.’
    • ‘The Prestige fleece is also windproof, but breathable, so it stops a chill wind better than wool sweaters.’
    • ‘Many great quality jackets today are waterproof, windproof and breathable.’
    • ‘Particularly important are a windproof jacket, or anorak, with hood or hat and a stout pair of walking boots or shoes as they may have to cross some rough ground to see the best wildlife.’
    • ‘Now you can simply put on a lightweight nylon rain jacket that can be waterproof, windproof, and breathable.’
    • ‘Waterproof and windproof clothing when appropriate, as well as sufficient over-clothing, particularly wearing hats, and keeping moving while out, can do much to prevent cold stress outdoors.’
    • ‘The Cordura fabric is windproof, water resistant, rot proof and fire resistant.’
    • ‘It's everything a ski garment should be: windproof, waterproof, heat resistant, and breathable.’
    • ‘Several of Woolrich's hunting garments are made of Squires Hightech's Saddle-Cloth, a soft, quiet, stormproof and windproof fabric.’
    • ‘You should look for outerwear made from fabric that's waterproof and windproof because that's going to keep the elements out and the heat on the inside, says Aaron Long of Plush.’
    • ‘It isn't cheap but it is totally 100% waterproof, windproof and it looks good to boot.’
    • ‘The cold weather camouflage parka fabric is a triple layer laminated waterproof, windproof, and moisture-vapor permeable nylon material.’
    • ‘It is essential to have good footwear and to take warm windproof clothing as temperatures can drop quickly even in mid-summer.’
    • ‘A new fabric called Pre-Vent, which is a breathable, water-proof and windproof laminate, helps keep women dry and protected from wind and rain.’
    • ‘You've no doubt heard of its most famous product: Gore-Tex fabrics, which have a transparent plastic coating that makes them waterproof and windproof but keeps them breathable.’
    • ‘He parked his car a few yards in front of Macawber, donned a light windproof jacket and half-length gumboots and wandered off towards the sea.’
    • ‘It is flexible, waterproof, windproof, and stretchable.’
    • ‘The result is a jacket that is completely windproof and waterproof, yet light and comfortable.’
    • ‘Browning's Upland Epic pants and jacket are made of 100-percent cotton canvas that is windproof and waterproof, yet breathable.’
    resistant, impenetrable, impervious, repellent
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