Definition of window shopper in English:

window shopper


  • See window shopping

    • ‘Some of the parents gasped and dragged away their offspring, rushing for the door, and most of the window-shoppers panicked and joined the exodus.’
    • ‘On Sunday, two boys and two girls were mixing with the general gathering - window-shoppers, dawdlers, and so on - carrying signboards that said, ‘crazy sales’.’
    • ‘The bad news is that most of those new customers are proving to be window-shoppers who are unlikely to ever come back.’
    • ‘And to the national multitude of window-shoppers, whether at the mall or watching their TVs, the full-time advertising is another, complementary provocation.’
    • ‘Those affected are not only the ubiquitous window-shoppers, but also the shop-till-you-drop types, both of whom prefer to operate on foot.’


window shopper

/ˈwɪndəʊ ˌʃɒpə/