Definition of windless in English:



  • See wind

    • ‘It's an album that is as beautiful, harmonious and calm as a blue sky on a windless day.’
    • ‘As a result, we used to sleep with the many others on the open terrace, looking at the stars in a windless night, hoping that the fumes from the mosquito coil would keep away the buzzing creatures from us.’
    • ‘Wind power cannot entirely replace fossil-fueled plants because some generating capacity must be maintained on standby for windless periods.’
    • ‘The weather was simply incredible: sunny, windless, and in the mid-60s Fahrenheit.’
    • ‘The crew experienced all that Bass Strait could offer, from a calm windless night to a south-westerly gale, but with the team working well together, all events became just part of the sailing experience.’