Definition of winding sheet in English:

winding sheet


  • A sheet in which a corpse is wrapped for burial; a shroud.

    • ‘General William Hargrave is depicted bursting forth from his winding sheet into heaven, while the tomb of Joseph and Lady Elizabeth Nightingale portrays Joseph attempting to shield his wife from Death's dart.’
    • ‘Two couples in pink pyjamas are attended, very slowly indeed, by a man and a woman dressed as white clad hospital porters who occasionally drape them in gigantic winding sheets.’
    • ‘But it remained cloaked in its winding sheet of fog.’
    • ‘The piece opens with a stage full of white-shrouded bodies, and, as Mercury sings, ‘It's a Beautiful Day,’ they stir and then dance, draping their winding sheets about them.’
    • ‘In one of the final scenes, as Eleanor reassures her son that everything has been done for his own good, the woman seems to be wrapping the young man in swaddling clothes or winding sheets.’
    • ‘I found her sitting on a silk ottoman in my dressing room, wearing a charcoal-grey chiffon robe I had bought in a flurry of romanticism in Paris years before: it always looked like a winding sheet on me, but it seemed designed for her.’
    • ‘Rain fell on the silent dead of Pere-Lachaise, on the streets and the houses of Paris, covering the whole city like a veil, like a winding sheet.’
    • ‘Meanwhile, like a winding sheet, the still lingering shiver of cold-war politics envelopes Havana in a singular allure, especially vibrant to people who recall the 1960's Missile Crisis, or grew up watching James Bond movies.’
    • ‘He imagined himself in a winding sheet, and horror overwhelmed him until he was able to fight free of what was indeed a sheet.’
    • ‘Their beds have become their cooling boards; their blankets have become their winding sheets.’
    • ‘He lives a monastic existence, coming into the studio every day and spending hours alone painting his wraiths and winding sheets.’
    • ‘The curtain, an old symbol of revelation, has been torn down and, instead of serving as swaddling clothes in the crib on the far left, has become a winding sheet for Western civilization and the values that were aborted by World Wars I and II.’
    grave clothes, burial clothes, cerements, chrisom
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winding sheet