Definition of windblown in English:



  • 1Carried or driven by the wind.

    ‘windblown sand’
    ‘windblown pollution’
    • ‘There must have been huge dust storms to produce the amount of wind-blown silt observed in Siberia.’
    • ‘Wind damage is often associated with abrasion caused by wind-blown soil particles.’
    • ‘They string hundreds of meters of flexible fencing to catch windblown flurries.’
    • ‘Loess is a terrestrial sediment formed by the accumulation of wind-blown dust.’
    • ‘We drove through windblown sheets of rain last night to get to the city for my reading at Books Inc. on Chestnut Street.’
    • ‘Fungi disperse themselves by releasing spores, usually windblown.’
    • ‘Small beets are in danger of damage from wind-blown soil particle erosion.’
    • ‘Surface skimmers can be fitted to remove wind-blown debris.’
    • ‘A wind-blown wildfire around the small city of Conway has forced people to flee some 60 homes.’
    • ‘You half expect to see Harold Lloyd or Ben Turpin run across the frame chasing their wind blown hat.’
    • ‘They may arise from dormant seeds, or colonise by windblown seeds.’
    • ‘In addition, pesticides can become airborne attached to wind-blown dust. "’
    • ‘Wind blown dust is the most obvious source of particulate matter with which we are familiar.’
    • ‘On Earth deposits of windblown sediments can be hundreds of meters thick.’
    • ‘Like wind-blown apples, the first crop of Asian agencies coming to market are the weaker fruit.’
    • ‘In windblown collections of debris, the surface is more than covered.’
    • ‘They joyously flitted from branch to branch, swooping down occasionally from the skies like wind-blown flowers falling off the trees.’
    • ‘Their cheeks picked up any shifts in the wind, determining which angles in the mountain would be covered in deeper, windblown snow.’
    • ‘A gale howls over the hunchback of Cairngorm, stinging our faces with windblown sleet.’
    • ‘A wind-blown wildfire around the city of Conway has forced people to evacuate, about 60 homes.’
    1. 1.1 Exposed to or affected by the wind.
      ‘the coastline is rugged and windblown’
      ‘her windblown hair’
      • ‘Mrs Reynolds mused, stifling a grin with an effort as she recalled the master's decidedly windblown appearance at the breakfast room door the previous day.’
      • ‘Here on these wind blown islands with their indescribable untouched beauty, you travel among spectacular sandbars and reefs in search of natural produce.’
      • ‘Turns out dodgy panelbeating is a valuable skill on a little windblown island in the middle of nowhere.’
      • ‘His fair, wind blown, hair contrasted sharply against his deathly pair skin.’
      • ‘She tried to put her hands up to smooth her windblown hair.’
      • ‘Prosthetic limbs are dropped by parachute to a wind blown field hospital for land mine victims.’
      • ‘He will be remembered primarily for his wind-blown hair and his night-vision goggles.’
      • ‘With their unkempt, windblown hair, they almost resembled the man beneath her.’
      • ‘There was essentially nothing to be seen, just the occasional fences, thick green, wind-blown grass, cows and a handful of lonely cars.’
      • ‘At the Santa Maria Courthouse is the wind-blown Ted Rowlands, CNN correspondent covering the Jackson trial.’
      • ‘Breaking radio silence for a brief greeting from the wind-blown Hebrides.’
      • ‘Her hair had certainly made a transition from softly pulled-back to wind-blown.’
      • ‘Outside in the company parking lot, windblown trees shake a fine yellow dusting of pollen over asphalt and cars.’
      • ‘Barely visible above a mat of wind-blown duckweed were the eyes and nostrils of a four-foot alligator.’
      • ‘Her fingers worked deep into his windblown curls as her face lifted, appealing for his kiss.’
      • ‘The mantis will often slowly undulate, which is thought to mimic wind-blown foliage.’
      • ‘We do not have a monopoly on wind-blown flats, but hot air coming off the Gulf is a common occurrence.’
      • ‘The second site looked at the restocking of a windblown area.’
      • ‘She was in the act of running a brush through her windblown hair when Marina's cry made her freeze.’
      • ‘Despite the bitterly cold weather on Nov. 28, activists gathered on the wind-blown bridge for over an hour.’