Definition of wind up in English:

wind up

phrasal verb

  • 1Arrive or end up in a specified state, situation, or place.

    ‘she wound up in hospital with pneumonia’
    • ‘Shaking his head in disbelief, he wondered how he'd come to wind up in this situation to begin with.’
    • ‘He wound up in the hospital, suffering from alcoholism and depression.’
    • ‘Bayer winds up finishing third, 27 minutes behind the winner.’
    • ‘We all wind up in your situation sooner or later, and I agree - it's tough.’
    • ‘When Jane's psychosis got especially scary, she wound up in a hospital casualty ward, where she was sent home with some sleeping pills.’
    • ‘It will probably wind up being better than it has any right to be.’
    • ‘To the family's relief, he finally left home and the marriage, and wound up in a psychiatric hospital.’
    • ‘If you were in either, you were probably going to wind up dead.’
    • ‘The first-time visitor to Yorkshire could be forgiven for thinking he had wound up in a land of madmen.’
    • ‘And, if you don't want to wind up in that situation, you need to pack heat and be prepared to resist at the point of abduction.’
    end up, finish up, find oneself, land up, land oneself
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  • 2Baseball
    (of a pitcher) use the windup delivery.

    • ‘As the pitcher wound up to throw the third pitch, my stomach knotted up.’
    • ‘He wound up and threw another fastball, high again for ball two.’
    • ‘Pitchers don't just wind up and let go, they throw to spots, which makes batters far more likely victims.’