Definition of wind chill in English:

wind chill


mass noun
  • The cooling effect of wind blowing on a surface.

    ‘the wind chill at 70 mph descent would leave every racer needing medical treatment for frostbite’
    • ‘If the ambient temperature is above 32 degrees Fahrenheit, no amount of wind chill will make water freeze, including radiators and water pipes.’
    • ‘Temperature was modest, wind chill high, relative humidity low - average conditions for the Southern Approach.’
    • ‘The wind chill seemed to double when I took off into it, but I gritted my teeth and told myself to live with it.’
    • ‘In addition to measuring wind speed it also measures temperature, wind chill, dew point, humidity, and heat stress.’
    • ‘After all, enduring wind chill and blizzard conditions is something born-and-bred New Englanders do.’
    • ‘Young children simply cannot be expected to wait outside for school buses when it is as bitterly cold as it was last week (when wind chill was measured as low as 50), Peters said.’
    • ‘They were both seventeen now, and far too macho to care about so inconsequential a thing as wind chill.’
    • ‘Unst is precisely the kind of place where locals would pay high electricity bills even if they did not have to contend with severe winter weather and dramatic wind chill.’
    • ‘Evergreen climbers provide winter insulation, not only by maintaining a pillow of air between the plant and the wall but by reducing wind chill on the wall surface.’
    • ‘Add some wind chill to the situation and it takes a very keen angler to be out at all.’
    • ‘Thankfully, no steady breeze was blowing, so no wind chill was created.’
    • ‘Temperature, wind chill, humidity, wetness and even the ingestion of drugs and alcohol can contribute to frostbite.’
    • ‘But in every case, the goal is to insulate the wood to prevent dehydration and wind chill.’
    • ‘Add cloud cover and wind chill, and a prolonged session can become a miserable ordeal for the ill-prepared wader.’
    • ‘Clear skies, the high June sun, and an absence of wind chill offered napping conditions second to none.’
    • ‘The 4°C and wind chill factor did not, however, deter a number of Scots from wearing kilts.’
    • ‘The only thing I can compare it to is the difference between wind chill and no wind chill when the absolute temperature is below freezing.… I'm not doing it justice.’
    • ‘The wind chill, however, is affecting some captive birds from the southern hemisphere which can have icicles forming on their beaks.’
    • ‘There are also numerous warnings about the weather: mild summer, winter with extreme wind chill.’
    • ‘The wind chill is particularly low and feels very cold indeed.’


wind chill