Definition of wimpish in English:



  • See wimp

    • ‘The relative heat of the car turned me all wimpish and I decided to head home with the shots I'd taken and spend the afternoon working on my panoramas rather than setting out again, so came back the long way and then made some more tea.’
    • ‘I decided he was kind and caring, qualities I used to think were probably a little bit wimpish.’
    • ‘So, it is wrong to suggest that somehow Europeans are culturally wimpish while Americans are singularly martially courageous.’
    • ‘And if it's wimpish to say that until I know for sure, until we know at least with some confidence that we must act now, then I say we need to be very careful about going forward, until we understand how complex this whole issue is.’
    • ‘Hand-wringing articles about the desperation felt by people in such places are offset by furious letters denouncing wimpish approaches to keeping law and order.’