Definition of wild oat in English:

wild oat


  • An Old World grass which is related to the cultivated oat and is commonly found as a weed of other cereals.

    • ‘Pastures are coming on early, but unfortunately we're seeing a lot of wild oats.’
    • ‘Of course some, if not most, of the green in pastures is probably downy brome, wild oats or a rash of other names we have for it out here.’
    • ‘As agriculture expanded onto the prairies, wild oats and sow thistle, leafy spurge and Canada thistle migrated westward.’
    • ‘Before resorting to lobelia, try wild oat tincture.’
    • ‘And what a great boon that will be, we've already found wild oats and rye in a preliminary screening of just six species in WA were stimulated by the chemical.’
    • ‘Out of my window in northern California I see ‘open space’ with Australian eucalyptus, South American pampas grass, and French broom, all living within a matrix of wild oats from Europe.’
    • ‘Compounding the problem is the early influx of epidemic proportions of wild oats that have literally smothered the warm season grasses that tried to come out and of course took up a lot of the much needed moisture.’
    • ‘But it's the building's exterior that gets the royal treatment, decorated each year with huge murals made with thousands of bushels of corn, as well as grain, wild oats, rye and wheat.’
    • ‘Arena sativa - also called wild oats, oat bran and oat-straw - is a botanical that is used in concentrated form, to make herbal and homeopathic preparations that raise testosterone levels safely and quickly.’
    • ‘Some wild oats have already started to appear, but it is unlikely that treatment now will give season-long control of later emerging plants.’
    • ‘Sarsaparilla root balances hormone regulation while lemon balm, chamomile, skullcap and wild oat seed reduce general thyroid hyperactivity.’
    • ‘Two weeds receiving attention are leafy spurge and wild oat.’
    • ‘Osprey postemergence herbicide trials have shown excellent control of annual or Italian ryegrass and wild oat in winter wheat.’
    • ‘Some of my favourites include vervain, rosemary, lemon balm, skullcap, wild oats and ginseng.’
    • ‘The plaintiff cannot simply say that the weed killer was not reasonably fit for its purpose of killing wild oats if it would have been fit for that purpose if used in accordance with the instructions.’
    • ‘Embryo dormancy has been reported for wild oat and wheat and was suggested in rice; however, most genetic research has focused on coat-imposed dormancy.’
    • ‘The data show that the specific inhibition of VLCFA synthesis by thiocarbamates can be reversed by dichlormid in barley but not in wild oats and that these effects are paralleled by changes in growth.’
    • ‘The formula contained nettle leaf, violet leaf, wild oat seed, chamomile flowers, cleavers and fenugreek seed added to warm spearmint tea or diluted juice.’
    • ‘Replicated across a range of WA soil types, the study examined annual ryegrass, wild radish, wild oats, wall fumitory, brome grass and barley grass persistence, in plots isolated to guard against the arrival of new seed.’
    • ‘Do not forget grassweed control - wild oats can provide a nasty shock as they emerge through the pod canopy.’


  • sow one's wild oats

    • Go through a period of wild or promiscuous behaviour while young.

      ‘he sowed his wild oats before settling down’
      • ‘men with a roving eye have been sowing their wild oats far and wide for millennia, new genetic evidence suggests.’
      • ‘She was almost ten years younger than Mom and Uncle Ray, and she was still ‘sowing her wild oats’.’
      • ‘The next summer he sows his wild oats, but tries to maintain a ‘friendship’ with me.’
      • ‘Life was ‘full and merry’, perhaps selfish and debauched, with heavy use of the double standard as young men ‘sowed their wild oats’.’
      • ‘Anybody who has walked downtown on a weekend evening probably has a good idea that countless young American students regularly visit to sow their wild oats.’
      • ‘Unfortunately there is still the unspoken understanding that young men are allowed to sow their wild oats.’
      • ‘I have left him several times in order to sow my wild oats.’
      • ‘There's a view that you should sow your wild oats and not marry until you're 30, but I disagree with that.’
      • ‘In this case, it is probably for the best that they sow their wild oats when they are young.’
      • ‘The second week of hot weather heralded the coming of mini-skirts, short shorts and halter tops and of course, the mating calls of the testosterone filled males who were just itching to sow their wild oats.’