Definition of wig out in English:

wig out

phrasal verb

  • Become deliriously excited; go completely wild.

    ‘watch out—I may just wig out’
    ‘wigged-out dancing’
    • ‘But the long and the short of it was that the baby boomer's father lit up and proceeded to wig out.’
    • ‘You've been wigged out ever since I got here, you're totally different!’
    • ‘She seemed resigned rather than annoyed, and although I was wigging out at the thought of another month in my current state, what could I do?’
    • ‘He was totally wigging out, his head all wagging back and forth.’
    • ‘It's because those organizations have discredited themselves by consistently siding against America and wigging out about fashionable lefty causes.’
    jubilant, thrilled, triumphant, delighted, exhilarated, happy, overjoyed, joyous, joyful, gleeful, cock-a-hoop, excited, animated, exulting, rejoicing, beside oneself with happiness, ecstatic, euphoric, elated, rapturous, in raptures, enraptured, rapt, walking on air, on cloud nine, on cloud seven, in seventh heaven, jumping for joy, in transports of delight, transported, carried away, in a frenzy of delight, delirious, delirious with happiness, hysterical, wild with excitement, frenzied
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