Definition of widen in English:



  • Make or become wider.

    with object ‘we should widen the scope of our investigation’
    no object ‘his grin widened’
    ‘the lane widened out into a small clearing’
    • ‘My eyes suddenly fly open and my mouth widens and my back arches off the ground.’
    • ‘Starting with a simple tale of human tragedy, the plot slowly widens to encompass national and international concerns.’
    • ‘There is barely room for two vehicles to pass at the moment and there is little scope for widening the pavement at that point.’
    • ‘The idea was to widen the debate and open the whole process up to more public scrutiny.’
    • ‘It now needs public support in widening the scope of the research through thoughts and opinions on a range of issues.’
    • ‘Men with better tech skills get the high-paying jobs, and the wage gap widens between the genders.’
    • ‘He watched as it fell down her back and to the floor, his grin widening all the while.’
    • ‘The push for more donations from entrepreneurs is becoming gradually apparent in society as the gap between rich and poor widens.’
    • ‘Every year the gap between the average man and the average leader widens.’
    • ‘What instruments are available to states to spread liberal values and widen the zone of peace?’
    • ‘Mally's violet eyes widened and she opened her mouth, trying to speak, but no words came out.’
    • ‘In our climate, organic waste biodegrades rapidly, which widens our options for dealing with it.’
    • ‘Swing away from the Treasury and the canyon widens somewhat, with a wide sandy bottom between sheer cliffs.’
    • ‘Michael's smile widened into a grin and he took the sandwich she had bought for him.’
    • ‘Comedy and tragedy do not co-exist well and the gap between them widens as the film progresses.’
    • ‘Someone delivers Goodman a soda, and he widens his mouth to encompass the thick cap of the bottle.’
    • ‘Also provide employment and widen the scope of help to a larger number of people.’
    • ‘As the river widens in the distance, the settlements along the water grow increasingly larger.’
    • ‘Asked about the move, his slow smile widens into a broad grin that crinkles the sun-wizened features of his face.’
    • ‘Further south, and the Shannon takes on a different character as the river widens, and it flows through Lough Derg, its largest lake.’
    broaden, become wider, make wider, open up, open out, spread, expand, extend, enlarge, stretch
    increase, augment, add to, develop, boost, swell, supplement, amplify, enlarge, make bigger, make greater, make larger
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