Definition of Whovian in English:



  • A fan of the British science fiction television series Doctor Who.

    ‘as a fan from way back, Barrowman is well aware of just how passionate Whovians are about everything ‘Who’’
    • ‘It may have been a revelation to part-time armchair fans that the Doctor's been back but to the dedicated "Whovian" (or whatever they prefer to be called), he never went away.’
    • ‘At under $10, though, it'll make a decent stocking stuffer for any longtime Whovians on your Christmas list.’
    • ‘As a Whovian, my love for Doctor Who has always run a bit hot and cold.’
    • ‘Like Sherlockians, Whovians often know just about everything about the Doctor.’
    • ‘If Doctor Who fans are 'Whovians' and Star Trek fans are 'Trekkers' or 'Trekkies', what are Star Wars fans?’
    • ‘Who are the Whovians?’
    • ‘I'll take just a brief moment to talk about a seasoned Whovian's impression of a story from 40 years ago.’
    • ‘The Whovians seem to have shown their disgust by dusting off their old Tom Baker episodes rather than watching the new series as viewing figures dropped by around 2.6 million for Saturday's second episode.’
    • ‘It's a sad truth that he was axed from the goggle-box over fifteen years ago, but that hasn't stopped the die-hard 'Whovians' from mounting a campaign for his regeneration.’
    • ‘As Whovians around the world sit and wait for the next series, maybe someone out there will rise to the challenge and take the Doctor to the next level.’
    • ‘Soon embraced by both casual and hardcore Whovians alike, all eyes were turned on to how Tennant's run was going to end and with The Waters of Mars, things are finally getting back on track.’
    • ‘The first words spoken in the series don't seem like much, but for the true Whovian they are something to relish.’
    • ‘Teenagers were gawping at them, dads were crossing them, moralists have been bashing them and serious Whovians wondered when they'd stop being forced to look at the pretty lady's legs and get on to the alien cyborgs.’
    • ‘But the up-to-date Doctor benefits too from the rich heritage of past series, fondly pored over by Whovians.’
    • ‘Given that he had to produce a series that would satisfy the BBC, Whovians, children, mums, grannies and their dog ... he did a magnificent job.’