Definition of whooping crane in English:

whooping crane


  • A large mainly white crane with a trumpeting call, breeding in central Canada and now endangered.

    Grus americana, family Gruidae

    • ‘Two species are native to North America, the whooping crane and the sandhill crane.’
    • ‘The trumpet manucode belongs to a diverse group of about sixty species of birds, including trumpeter swans and whooping cranes, that have dramatically elongated windpipes.’
    • ‘‘California condors, whooping cranes, California sea otters, and many other species have also significantly increased their numbers,’ he said.’
    • ‘Peregrine falcons, whooping cranes, piping plovers, black-capped vireos and Bachman's warblers are just some of the better known of these species.’
    • ‘Saskatchewan also is one of the best places on earth to view rare whooping cranes, magnificent white birds bordering on extinction.’


whooping crane